Club Penguin [Profanity/Offensive]

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  1. yooooo

    WARNING: Profanity
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  2. Can this person even go 5 seconds without swearing?
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  3. 6 or 7 at most
    oh man
    he seriously needs to lessen his cursing
  4. That was beautiful in so many different ways.
  5. Okay, the longest this guy went without swearing was 9 seconds. (Yes, I did pay attention to that).
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  6. I feel strongly against Club Penguin. I cannot find any pictures of PenguinDJ's without some stupid club penguin think coming up.
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  7. Yeah, I don't even get why that game is so popular. I tried it once, hated it. I tried it again, still hated it. There's just about NOTHING you can do on that game without paying for it, which you're not going to want to do because the free version gives it a bad impression.
  8. Oi, 1f u hav @ prublem wit clubpengun den 1v1 me 0n clubpengun punk.
  9. Oh, I've heard about this club penguin thing. In fact, someone from my second forum ever was a club penguin fan. I didn't watch the video because of the swearing.
  10. I still don't get how can such a simple -clicking- game could be so popular. : /
  11. I used to play that game but dropped it like 3 years ago xD. But I still have the official guide and actually think the EPF control room could make a good Call of Duty Zombies map lol.
  12. Haha good memories with club penguin. I used to fight over that game with my friends (sitting at a desktop sharing the mouse and taking turns). My friend made me cry back in the day because I couldn't get my shared time on that website...
    Lol good memories. Now I find it boring after 2 minutes of logging on.:oops:
  13. *snif* BEAUTIFUL *snif*
  14. I hit my brother over the head with a shoe because he wouldn't let me play on it. He ended up falling off the chair and getting clotheslined on the desk the computer was on as I vaulted over the computer chair and logged him off.

    10/10 story of my childhood.

    Nowadays I log in for 2 minutes once every year and look at all the coins I spawned in about 5 years ago and try to find a way to spend it all without buying membership. Anybody finds some way to do that, tell me ._.