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  1. So I was thinking and I thought "hey we should have a clothes shop". Not like armour, like dyed tunics that are renamed. I've made a little tunic that's light purple and says "tarahs t shirt ". And I think there a posters for stuff in empire. This sounds cheesy but I think this would be cool actually.

    Tar aka sarandtar
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  2. I love your idea!

    This sounds more like a unique Player Shop rather than something the Empire Shop could sell but I would love it both ways. Currently, there are 12,326,391 colors to dye any piece of leather armor which makes the ability to sell all leather armor almost impossible.

    All in all, I love your idea and see it more as a player business.
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  3. I'll buy some lets do this
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  4. Not sure where you pulled that number from as i can only count 16 dyes (Colors) and 4 pieces of armor, making it 64 unique items, 68 if default leather is one too.
    Sure the combination is 16*16*16*16 but thats only 65536 possible combinations. Would really like to know how you got to 12,326,391.
    EDIT: forgot the default leather color (If not counted as brown). 17*17*17*17=83521

    My math is very bad. it was 64*64*64*64=16,777,216 or 68*68*68*68=21,381,376
    But that just the color combination one could where the armor
  5. I got it from the Minecraft Wiki.

    Also remember this: You have 8 slots in the crafting bench with the leather armor that you can fill with dye. After you dye the leather armor, you can do it again. Once you dye it again, you can dye it again.
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  6. Oh wow didn't know you could dye the leather more than once. Guess we learn everyday.
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  7. I would love this!! And if someone wants to start it up, i'd be willing to donate an SC of leather! :)
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  8. Omg I was thinking about what I wanted to do in EMC? I thought about a clothing store too! Make it happen!
  9. :p this is genius, I'd be happy to donate some stuff/rupees, considering his seems like a great investment and something that hipsters, like myself, would love. I'd be happy to invest in it as long as I get a royalty on the sales
  10. Wierd how no one thought of this before :confused:
  11. Funny thing is I have had this idea too for ages and was wondering how I could implement such an idea to get hype and sales into EMC.
  12. Dying clothes is fun, because you can get so many different colours. If you have a lot of dye, you can mix a lot and get really unique pieces of clothing. It's especially great that the voter's armour is leather, because we can thus dye it.
  13. Really? I never knew I could re-dye it :confused:
  14. Hahaha, I never knew so many people didn't know that! :p I think you can also wash the colour of it using a cauldron, so you can get rid of the white.
  15. I forgot that you could dye leather armor multiple times. We have a command to create all of the rgb combinations, but I had forgotten that they could be possible vanilla potentially.
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  16. if there is a cool shop store for clothing I would commute there!! XD version 1.8 will help store display a lot since there is a armor stand recipe. XP
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  17. I really don't like the idea as an EMC feature. If anything, this should be a player-made creation.
  18. I agree, but its still a nice thing :D
  19. I think that is what everyone is talking about. If I understand correctly, the Op is asking someone to make one.
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  20. I love the idea! I will help if I can.