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  1. 15 DC white wool
    Starting Bid: 28k
    Minimum Bid Decrease: 1r
    Auction Ending Time: 24 hours after last bid
    Expected Delivery Time: when ever ur ready
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  2. At the request of the auction host, the starting bid has been raised from 20,000 rupees to 28,000 rupees.
  3. This is a reverse auction, just a FYI.:)
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  4. Shouldn't it be illegal then? As I have made the same mistake thinking it was an auction, this is why it underlines and boldens that all Reverse Auction threads MUST have Reverse Auction in the title. I've reported it as such and am awaiting response.
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  5. To clarify I meant that in the Reverse Auction rules it states the above.
  6. Sorry for the inconvenience I have reported it.
    Can we go on?
    28k in the lead
  7. NetherSpecter thought it was a regular auction as well, and the description is not all that conclusive, I would wait before saying someone is in the lead.
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  8. Should I restart this thread?
  9. [CLOSED]
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  10. Sorry, Callum! :) Thanks for being so patient with us forum scrubs.
Thread Status:
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