[Closed] [WANTED] People to flatten two large hills.

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  1. If anyone is interested, PM me.

    You will work with other people, so no need to panic.

    One is quite tall, other is not as tall but has more sub-hills.

  2. Um, what is large? Could you link screenshots?
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  3. How big are the hills?
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  4. 3k per person per hill? 3k per hill divided throughout the total people who work on it? Average height of the hill and the boundaries that it is contained within? These are all necessary details that will get you workers.
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  5. 3k per person, hills are approximately quite large, will negotiate pay, can get screenshots up tomorrow.
  6. If they are large I can guarantee no one will do it for 3k. I think you should up it to about 10k per hill.
  7. "approximately quite large"
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  8. Bump.

    I can now pay more then 3k.
  9. I can almost 100% guarantee you that no one will agree to this project without seeing how big it is. If you want people to do this for you, post some numbers (good ones, not filler numbers) and post some good screenshots. No one wants to waste their time by walking out to your area only to find out you understated the project, or to find out that they don't have enough materials to get the job done. Provide some real details.
  10. We need screenshots or at least a location. I might be interested
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  11. Yes, We need SCREENSHOTS! (not mad)
  12. To take a screenshot of the hills, hit F1 (hide menus and inventory) then F2 (take the picture) when looking at the hills. Each time you press F2 a screenshot is saved in your Minecraft folder. You can get to your Minecraft folder by opening up your folder browser and typing %appdata%. Then go into Roaming, Minecraft, screenshots.

    You will next need to upload them onto a picture sharing site such as IMGur (imgur.com). This is free to do. Once you have completed the upload, the site should provide you with BBCode which you can simply copy and paste into a post here to add the images.
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  13. If there's a screenshot so at least we can get a general idea of the size of the hill or mountain, it's definitely something I would be interested in to help you with. Depending on the size for payment I'll go for 4k - 6k but only after the task is fully completed to your specifications!! ;)
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