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  1. Kinda seems like a scam. They don't actually say where exactly a donation would go.
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  2. I think I'd much rather donate to cancer research or one of the different air ambulance charities :)
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  3. Doesn't it seem like that was made by a child... At 11:42... Today...?
  4. Yeah this was almost certainly not found on Google. Google doesn't instantly index websites, and no matter what I searched, I couldn't seem to find it anywhere.
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  5. All underlined items have incorrect grammar/spelling

    Hello people. We have something to announce. (<<<Not well written) We are starting a new project to help kids with cancer, in hospitals, and charity (makes no sense). We want to help you, too. As much money as we get, we donate to kids, and if you sponsor us, our business grows, and we get more to donate. We cut off our hair to donate to kids with cancer. We'd like you to sponsor us by filling out this form: http://tinyurl.com/loveboardprojectsponsor. Would you like to donate???? Well, fill out this form here: http://tinyurl.com/loveboardprojectdonate. Would you like to write a letter to us saying what disorder you have, and talk to us? Talk to us here: http://tinyurl.com/talktoloveproject. We would love to here form you! Thanks for reading, and follow us on Google+!

    Also its also slightly odd they've used tinyurl.com
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  6. This does not appear to be a legitimate charity/cause, so under this rule I am locking the thread
    But if anyone does wish to support this cause, I'd suggest a quick google search. You will find plenty of options to make donations towards :)
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