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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by wonderwoman_16, Jun 7, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to suggest something! It's about your vault. So, Everyone has a vault. They charge us $10. Do you think that's fair? Well, I don't. I wanna explain why. First of all, It's just a vault we put stuff in. Why do we need to be charged to go into it? I think this a change E.M.C should change. I go in my vault all the time, Cause I need stuff from my vault all the time. So, Everyday, (When I play EMC.), I literally lose all my money! It's not a fair thing to do to these players. This should be changed, maybe in the next update or so. Thank for reading on how I feel about this.
  2. You're paying for the additional load it puts on the server.
  3. If you get five vaults, the cost is free. ;)
  4. I dont really mind the vault costs,
    It makes it so that people dont have their storage in their vault page, it is like an expanded inventory, and it would be a bit op to just have a free expanded inventory.
    You can also buy more pages and get free vault access when you have 5 of them.
    It also is the case that when you vault stuff to other smp's, it is like moving from houses, you cant just transport things freely and it gives overload to the server.
    This is just how I see things

    Edit: ninjad :p
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  5. There are multiple ways to deal with this.

    One of them is to realize that ten rupees is virtually nothing. If you want to make all your money back, chop down one tree and sell the logs every time you open a vault. It is pretty insignificant.

    You could also continually vote. This does two things: it gets you plenty of rupees, but more importantly it gives you vault vouchers every twenty(?) days. Once you reach five vault pages, you never have to pay again. I have twelve vault pages so I don't have to worry about this :p
  6. What does that mean?
  7. And 10r is so easy to recover. Sell one diamond in your mall and you automatically get nearly 2 hours of access virtually free.

    You can also pay 10,000r as a diamond member to add another vault page through the system, pay 11-15k for a voucher or vote. Within 2 months worth of voting (it won't take 2 months - voting bonuses ftw!) you'll have enough vault vouchers to waive the fee when used.

    Opening vault pages puts stress on server resources, much like the 20 checks/second the hoppers did prior to last week. To lower access rates, and help the server load, the server charges for each access until the first 5 pages are done to help reduce the load on the server.
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  8. If you have a problem with Vault costing 10 rupees to get in to, then you could simply expand your Vault so that you wouldn't have to pay the 10 rupees. Plus, as haas said, it's a bit overpowered to have an extra inventory available at almost all times, and it should come with a fee.

    Plus, 10r to most people is, in fact, virtually nothing. It doesn't have much value. As boozle said, you can chop down a tree, sell the logs and open your vault for 5 minutes. It's as simple as going mining and selling the minerals. Also, voting gets you a vault voucher every 20 days as a reward, so vote for 100 days and you'll get all sorts of rewards such as vault vouchers, voter's tools and money.
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  9. I don't have 5 vaults..
  10. Go get them - they're dirt cheap. You can already buy one according to your rupee count in your screenshot. :)
  11. Well, everyone else beat me.....:p I spent around 1k worth of opening my vault one day, and was able to recover my rupees the very next day! Plus, you get it free for 5 minutes after you pay 10r. I think it's not that big a deal to pay 10r to open your vault.
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  12. Then, as Elfin also suggested earlier, you should consider voting for the server. If you vote every day you'll build up a so called streak. If you keep that up you'll get a vault voucher every 20 days worth of voting. The fun part: you can even "cheat" a little bit here; some voting sites allow you to vote every 12 hours, so twice a day. And if you don't vote on all sites at once, but spread your votes out a bit, you can also speed up the streak a bit. That way you might be able to get a vault voucher every 10 days.

    And the best part: apart from the vouchers you'll also get rupees, emeralds and diamonds. Which should be able to fund your /vault access easily.

    I know and agree that the fee can be a drag sometimes, but voting can (and will!) really help you out here.
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  13. I know to vote, Except, There's a problem and it won't let me vote for some reason, It's a weird problem with my account because I've gone threw many name changes, So theres a problem with the voting process on my account and I hoped it will be fixed one day.
  14. EMC asks you vote with your first name until it updates and allows name changes.
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  15. Use the name "HelloKittyRo" with all the caps. Names are case sensitive.
  16. It's because Vault-Tec needs to make a profit on keeping you safe.
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  17. Yah, I see what you mean. I figured I'd give you a head start and vote on a few sites for you but your username isn't recognized at all. So you might want to try and use your original username, the one you started out with.
  18. This has been suggested before and will not Change. If anything 10r is too little. And seeing as this is the second time you have suggested it I will be closing this thread.
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