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  1. Have you ever wanted to unleash imagination? Let it run free and rampant?
    Then this is your chance.
    This contest is one where you must build projects with other people in the empire. They could be your friends, your co-workers, or even staff members. Your task is to build something that will last on the empire, for a long time.
    1. Alts are allowed, but when submitting do NOT include them and you must have at least 3 other people in your team (not including yourself, so a total of 4 members), but you cannot have more than 8 people on the team. NOTE: You may add members to your team if the build is incomplete*
    2. Be respectful towards each other when building, through any communication (MC chat, Skype, Mumble, etc.)
    3. Staff members that are moderator rank can compete with other players. (NOTE: Sr. Staff and Admins, you may compete as a team for fun, but I cannot score you.)
    4. This is NOT a job for players, if I find anyone is paying for other players to build them the project, you will be disqualified.
    5. I reserve the right to add rules when I see fit.
    6. You are not guareenteed to win.
    7. No Preexisting builds can be entered.
    9. Try not to copy other peoples creations.
    To Enter this Contest, send me a PM with the following:

    Names of People involved (remember no alts) :
    Name of the Build:
    Residence(s) and Server #:

    Scoring Process:
    1 to 50 points in each of the following categories: (200 max.)
    ~Originality ~
    ~Function ~
    ~Design ~
    ~Creativeness ~

    Extra Points up to 300 will be added if the build creates community involvement.
    A spy will look at the residences and give it a good or bad review. They decide on a score of 1 to 20 and it will be added to your point total above.

    No team will get a perfect score.
    After I score the residences, the top 10 will go to the first round of judging.

    There will be three judges;
    One myself, the others will be friends of mine. Each of us will give all builds a score of 1 to 10. We will add up all of our scores and the top 5 will go to the semi finals.

    The Semi Finals:
    A blind voting session will be held with 7 judges (other than myself).
    They will decide which 3 will go to finals.

    The Finals:
    A public vote will decide the winners, 1st place to 3rd.

    I sincerely hope everyone will try this out;
    It looks like there is a lot of rules and regulations, but in reality it's only for judging and to actually hold this contest to be a fair one.
    I will accept entries until March 31st.

    Grand Prize: 142.5k split amongst the winners.

    2nd Place: 58.75k
    3rd Place: 33.75k
    Donators - (any donations are appreciated)
    Olaf_C - 85k Thanks so much!

    NOTE: ALL Items and rupees donated to this contest shall expand the prizes further. :)
  2. My entry is at 3819. It's not done yet, nowere near.
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  3. This contest looks awesome!! I must assemble my team.
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  4. Cool contest :)
    I will enter my build once I do a bit more on it.
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  5. According to the OP no pre - existing builds can be entered. All have to be from scratch.
  6. This is really cool! :D
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  7. How much does each of the 3 players have to contribute?

    And how far does "pre-existing" go? For example, if I only have a small part of one face of the bottom wall done, can I finish my build and submit it?
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  8. I think your build would be okay since all that is up is a wall. I would guess that the other people would just have to contribute in some way. Either building or supplying
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  9. If the judges of this contest feel like checking, my walls are up on amadai-1 and amadai-2. I'm actually going to be taking 1/3 of each wall down and building something different, I think.
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  10. Thank you to Olaf for donating 50k!
  11. Ok so far my team is as follows: Wolfegab, GMW_I and myself
    Res # 963 - It will be our HQ from now on (we just started it)
    Description we will figure out.

    Wow we get till march 21st Wowza
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  12. The instructions say to PM
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  13. Remember guys, you must have at least 4 in total!
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  14. Brick told me to post it when i PM'd him
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  15. I told you to PM me on the forums lol. :p
  16. ah o i get what u mean now lol

    ill do it tommorow - with a team of 4 (still recruiting)
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  17. Mines gunna be interesting
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  18. Team Almost assembled
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  19. Now I have a use for my utopia plot
    Now all I need is friends...
  20. Bump! i really like the idea of this contest!
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