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  1. So I know people like selling promos. I'm all for it, but when on the forums someone is auctioning one, I usually do not know what it is going for on average. For example if I am auctioning an ESCD, then I should have to put that it is worth around 40,000. I think this would add toward less people losing money because they won't bid much higher than that price. Thanks,
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    An item is only worth what it can be sold for or what someone is willing to pay. A promo price is always changing. So what it is worth now is not what it may be worth in 2 weeks.

    This is not something that will be implemented.
  3. But the thing about promos or any item right down to dirt is its worth what ppl will pay for it! Say I do an auction of a dancer and l, like you have suggested, say this is how much it went for in the last 10 auctions and two ppl want it for their collection. then they are going to try to out bid each other and what it had sold for in the past has nothing to do with it.

    You see what I am saying? What you as a buyer needs to do is search the forums to see how much the item(s) went for in the past so you know if it goes to high for you then you will just have to wait till there is another one up for auction. It's up to the buyer to stop bidding when it's too high a price.
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  6. Well, since that idea was shot down, you may close the thread. thanks for all the input, I guess...
  7. by the way its usually auction prices that set the worth of an item people look on forums then sell it for its value
  8. Closed by request.
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