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  1. on smp5 i'm selling my mega mall 300k or a gold supporter voucher when i'm on pm me about the shop selling and when u pay me 300k i will give u all flags and my shop comes with all items in it. i will not touch any thing you get all items and the shop its in the sky and and i have done almost nothing with the ground below you even get my storage! pm firefox1154 when he is on and tell him u want to buy his shop.
  2. Double post...
  3. Illegal. You must fully unclaim the residence to sell it, selling flags is illegal.
  4. As Haro mentioned, this is sadly an illegal post, there's no real way to sell a residence. The best thing to do is to probably go into a "business partnership" with another player :)
  5. what i suggest doing is breaking all the blocks and selling them all
  6. i am selling all items in it to so if u want all items then want me to un claim i will
  7. What is it made of?
  8. i am basicly giveing all items in it then unclaiming so there if u want to buy all my items its 300k i want a gold suport voucher
  9. its made of green stnglass
  10. If you want people to buy it, you need to list the items you have and the numbers of them.

    You can always buy the gold voucher.
  11. Just to say, Gold Supporter Vouchers are no where near worth that much if I'm correct. Diamond is more like that value.
  12. someone is selling them for 300k and i dont know anyone else
  13. like i said in post cheak it out its on smp5 do /v firefox1154
  14. geting off for weekend make a offer pls
  15. It's not much of a 'mall'. It's just a shop. Just by taking a look around, your property isn't worth anywhere near 300,000 rupees.
  16. Screenie for the haro :3?
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  17. Here :3
  18. 300k is nothing for that. There aren't any borders on that res and it appears to go on forever. The residence look like a superflat world :rolleyes:

    Also, I would recommend changing your original post. It really sounds like you are selling flags.

  19. also you can "wach your horse be bread" which is weird cause I've never seen a horse turn into bread
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  20. this is the mall:
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