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Did you see the mall?

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  1. Its been about 3 years in the making, but the Rainbow Mall is finally opening!

    SMP 8 at /v +rm or /v 17167

    At the mall you can find various items in game at very cheap and affordable prices. Everything that can be stacked (to 64 items) is sold in a stack!

    We buy/sell most items and also offer bulk options. Bulk orders up to 5 DCs can be placed, and if you place a bulk order in the first week, we'll discount you 20% of the price. (EX: Buy 4 DCs and get the 5th FREE)

    Currently only 6 of the 12 floors are stocked and open. (Stocking a mall is CRAZY difficult. So much stuff! If you have a bulk item and would be willing to stock the mall, Let me know and we can work out a partnership or something similar)
  2. Sounds awesome! I need to check out your build sometime! :D

    (If I ever get a bulk amount of items, I won't mind helping out~)
  3. Have you considered adding +rainbow? +rm feels obscure to my brain and is difficult to reference :p

    I'd be happy to help you stock concrete/powder. I can have a surplus of stock ready in about a week, if you're interested.
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  4. I just popped on for a bit to check it out, you have done an amazing job at building it. I really love the layout so far. ^-^
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  5. It is *very* pretty!
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  6. Should use +raaynnbow

  7. Closing down
  8. Please close the thread.
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