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Will You Show Up???!

Yes! I Cannot Wait To Have Fun! Have Fun From EMC Trucker! 25 vote(s) 67.6%
No, But Cya Trucker! 12 vote(s) 32.4%
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  1. I will be leaving Empire Minecraft for good, and there will be a huge event about my leaving of EMC.
    I Will be giving away:
    -All my promotional items(promos
    -Everything else i have(Alotf of stuff!)
    Okay here is the calender of events.
    April 1st,2015 1PM EMC Time
    3PM EMC Time
    Drop Party!!
    4PM EMC Time
    Grief Party!!!
    And The Last Event!!!

    5Pm EMC Time
    Ore Buster Party! One Of My Res's Will Be Filled With Diamond,Emerald,And Gold Ore.
  2. Is this an April Fools event? :eek:
  3. I knew i would be asked this, it is not, I have no time for Minecraft anymore.
  4. This is not funny trucker not one bit. You cant leave. This is not funny if it's a joke.
  5. It's not a joke, everyone thinking it is, you will see tomorrows events. I have a day job i started and it has gotten in the way, and traveling. I Might be back, possibly.
  6. Tomi cry's.... :,( you must come back. Please.
  7. Possibly, we will see with my job and such.
  8. Thanks! Hope a lot of people can make it, Yes, real life does tend to get in the way with Minecraft, Might pop in here and there but also traveling with this job so probably not. Hope to see you at the events! :D
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  9. Suggestion: collect a bunch of items which you'd like to have around in case you return and store them in your /vault. Your residence will eventually get removed if you go derelict (note: voting for the server once every month can prevent this) but not your /vault, that will remain yours (same as an enderchest).

    If /vault isn't an option for whatever reason then I might be able to help.. I could save some stuff for you by storing it in my vault to which you'd obviously get access then. This is not some kind of public service I'm offering, but you helped me out in the past so... If I can return the favor then I will.

    I can easily store 1DC but if you need more then 3 - 4 would also be doable.

    I won't be attending (I don't like those events, no offense) but I do wish you all the best.
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  10. Bye... I'll be able to attend the event :D, but where is the location of the event?
  11. Location will be released tomorrow, Hope you can make it.
  12. Thanks for the help, but i will be giving everything away, sorry for the confusion. :D
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  13. No worries; no confusion on my part, just making a suggestion :)
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  14. We will miss U,I hope I see u again sometimes :oops:
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  15. It can't be an April Fools joke as it says 1pm....
    Good luck in the future!
  17. I'll be sad to see you go, only gotten to know you recently, but I guess real life comes first :/

    My big dig head minion and PvP buddy, make sure you don't dissapear completely, stop by on mumble for a catch up now and then :3 Good luck and best wishes for the future :)
  18. I should be able to make it to the drop party, i love them
    Good luck ;)
  19. Anyways, if this was April fools, it'd be scaming..

    Well, cya :p
  20. Farewell!
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