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  1. New redstone build..

    I need someone who can build two hidden staircases for me, that works with the use of a lever!
    If you are capable to do that, send me a message!

    Nothing complicated, just a redstone hidden staircase.

    Let me know! :D
  2. One that just pushes all the cobble into a group :)
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  3. I can do this for you. We can discuss the price and other info in a PM.
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  4. I just created one (in singleplayer! With a diamond voters pickaxe and haste II, I think it's the fastest you can get. :) If you're interested, feel free to PM me. If you supply materials, it won't be expensive at all. :) (only problem is the soonest I can do it is Wednesday evening, as I'm on a short holiday. I am able to read the forum though. :))

  5. full auto afk stone/cobble generator, everything is in a chest at the end.
  6. Updated with a new job!
  7. Closing at owner's request.
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