[Closed]Find me an Outpost - 20,000r prize!

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    Prize: 20k Rupees

    Hello, EMC! I have for a long time decided that I wanted to create an outpost. However, though I know exactly what I want it to look like, I do not have a biome to build it on!
    Whoever finds me the most suitable location for an outpost will win 20,000r. If you think you have a good location, private message me a screenshot of it and it's coordinates on Live Map with the conversation title of [YourUsername] Outpost Submission. If somebody has already submitted the location you've given, I will tell you that. You may enter multiple submissions within the same conversation. Now, what kind of biome am I looking for?

    BIOME TYPE: Redwood Forest (That Mega Taiga thing)
    SIZE: The larger the better
    GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES: I'd like it to have numerous rivers running through it. A lake within the biome would be great, but it isn't needed.
    SERVER LOCATION: Must be on SMP1, SMP2, SMP5, SMP6, SMP7, or SMP9
    WILDERNESS LOCATION: Must be at least 5k from any spawns and 3k from any visible structures.

    This is an image of a biome that would've been perfect had it not already had a couple of prebuilt structures in it:

    This contest will run until April 26th. Thank you, and good luck!
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  2. The music farm. 20k please.
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  3. Isn't that a savannah biome? :p And isn't that pretty clearly within 3k blocks of a certain civilization (i.e. the music disc farm)? :p
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  4. Bump. May have to extend the date.
  5. I hope you'll find something suitable!
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  6. I'll pm you when I get the chance my friend :)

    I'll find something good for you if my name isn't foxy lol
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  8. Asheria.

  9. I don't know where that is, but the contest is over. :p
  10. Foxy came, Foxy saw and he won! :)

    Ha, ha, I only learned about this competition just now but hey... Congratulations Foxy aka clan23!
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