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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CliffCraft, Oct 16, 2019.

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  1. Hello all!!!
    I am hosting a party on New Years Day 01/01/2020
    9:00pm EMC Time
    4th year on EMC/New Year Party!!!
    There will be prizes and fun so please come and Celebrate with me!
    Events taking place
    Horse Races
    Temple Maze Race
    Scavenger Hunt
    You wont wanna miss this event I am super excited to get this going!
    More details and information to come so be on the look out for it all!!!
    Hope to see you there!
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  2. Prizes can be found on smp7 @ 15451
    Here is the Game Plan for the event!!!
    1. Meet on res number 15300 on SMP7 by 9 pm EMC time the first event will start AT that time so be sure to get there quick Scavenger Hunt is First Prizes for first second and third
    2. Maze is next!! I will give the res number out for the Maze Race and that will be next Prizes for first second and third
    3. Horse Races are the Final Activity prizes for first second and third
    4. The Final thing on the list you wont wanna miss!!!! so be prepared for that!!!

    Members and Staff Welcome for the events So come for some fun games and prizes hope to see you there!!!
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  3. Do you have a time yet?
  4. ill be in the evening EMC time i dont have a set time yet
  5. oooo! congrats, I turn 4 years old in just a couple months. can't wait for the event!
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  6. I might make it if its not late
  7. Not sure what Ill be up to, but will come if around
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  8. Like this comment if you would like to have an EMC version of ‘Where’s Waldo’
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  9. I’ll try to make it :)
  10. It’ll be a blast! If there is anything else you want to see or do let me know and I’ll try and coordinate it!!!
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  11. Bumping less than a month until the day!!! Mark your calendars!!!
  12. ill try and make it
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  13. bumping this Post im finalizing the scavenger hunt to it runs smoothly on the date!!!
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  14. My 4th EMC birthday is today WOW. Event is 5 Days from now so make sure you can make it you wont wanna miss it. More details are in the second post after the OP.
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  15. Event is Today I can't wait for some fun things happening no items really needed for the event just make sure you have at least 1 rupees so I know what order to give the prizes in for the maze.

    Will need your best horse too for the race
  16. Event starting in an Hour be sure to be there before 9pm First event is the scavenger hunt and im going to try and start it as soon as possible so grab a friend and come to SMP7 @ 15300
  17. Thank you all who came!!!
    Scavenger Hunt
    1st Rainbowify
    2nd Whobs
    3rd Itz_urbo_oreo

    1st Maxkobe1
    2nd rainbowify
    3rd xGGirlx

    Horse Race
    1st Rainbowify
    2nd maggiemage
    3rd maxkobe

    I gave away tons of promos and prizes if you want to know ask them if i can find the picture i took of them all ill post it here.
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