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  1. Me and Strawberries4me will be opening a business, we will accept pretty much any job that needs doing. EF Industries specialises in building. This may be something like a PvP Arena to a medieval house. We are looking for more people to join us who specialise in a few things, that may be mining and making a modern house. We will be making a HQ somewhere around the res 11313.
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  2. I thought you were Bro_im_infinite at first
  3. How? lol
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  4. forever co. is already doing this but when we are wrapped up in tight projects it will be effective
  5. We will do it 10x better :)
  6. you sure?
  7. i wouldn't believe so
  8. I don't think you should argue about who is better, I think you both are good! :)
  9. me too :O
    WOW what a coincidence

    I will look into this, its always nice to meet another lover of the most beautiful animals in Minecraft (squids) !
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  10. Yea i will have to agree on that one :)
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  11. who wants to join
  12. Closed by request.
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