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  1. Hello, Empire citizens, and welcome to the newly founded Bulk Concrete business, brought to you by HazardousCode (formerly purplebook163) and friends!

    Prices may fluctuate as we gauge customer feedback and supply and demand.

    1 DC: 13k

    Please note that orders of black, grey, cyan, and blue concrete will only be filled if the dyes are provided by the customer, as these dyes are not currently easy to come by for our crew. (This does not apply to light grey or light blue.) For more information, please contact me or ask below.

    Pick-Up and Delivery Options
    Pick up is always available at 4151 or +concrete on SMP7 and has no extra charge. Delivery in town is available for 1k per DC and delivery outside of town is negotiable on a case by case basis (please PM me if you are interested in delivery outside of town).

    We estimate a 5 DC order takes 2-3 days to fill depending on color. Please keep this in mind for time sensitive orders, as we can't accommodate time restraints (we have lives too!)

    Ordering- PLEASE READ FULLY!
    When you place your order below, please include:
    • the quantity you are ordering (in DCs, SCs, or stacks)
    • the color you request
    • how you will be picking up or receiving your order
    I will confirm that we've gotten you order and give you a final price. Please DO NOT PAY until we have finished your order.

    At this time, orders are limited to no more than 5 DCs per customer per 24 hour period. If you order more than 5 DCs in one post you will only be written down for the first 5 DCs. We reserve the right to set quantity limits to ensure speedy production times.

    Order Queue
    Here is the current queue for order requests:
    • WAITING FOR PICK UP: 2 DCs of White for Ariesis
    • IN PROGRESS: 5 DCs of White for Truman
    Want our forum sig?
    We would love to hear from you with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions you may have. :)

    At this time, ORDERS ARE OPEN.
  2. Hey! Id like to make an order

    20DC White Concrete
    10DC Black Concrete

    If you could, deliver to 2439 and i will set up chests
  3. Hello! I'd like to make an order :D

    1DC Green Concrete
    1DC Lime Concrete
    2DC's Of Cyan

    I'll make payment tomorrow morning!
    I can pick up at your res, just set up the chests. Thanks!!
  4. could i please get a dc of each color?
  5. I would also like a DC of each color if possible.
  6. That'll be a total of 304,500 (because of the black dye and the delivery charges). Not sure how long this order will take- we will let you know when it's ready. Please do not deliver payment until we are finished.

    That'll be 36k. Please do NOT pay until we are finished. We will let you know when it's ready to pick up. :)

    That'll be 16,900 (unless you'd like it delivered). Please do NOT pay until we are finished. Will you be picking up or will we be delivering?

    That'll be 16,900 (unless you'd like it delivered). Please do NOT pay until we are finished. Will you be picking up or will we be delivering?

    Until further notice, orders are closed.
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  7. Not sure how you figured that price out... i would actually like 2 dcs of each color... that would equate to 288kish. i will pick up when finished
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  8. I'll have a DC, and a SC of white concrete plz. If you can deliver it to my res that would be great, i will set up access signs.
  9. I will pick it up. From what I calculated the price should be 144,900 with the upcharge for gray and black. That is 16 colors times 9000, which gets 144,000 plus the two charges of 450r which comes to 144,900.
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  10. I would like 2 Dc's of red please
  11. Does this mean you're in a lack of ink? If so, could you cancel that extra price if I (or anyone else buying that colour) would provide you the ink?
    Also, I have ~9DCof ink sacs, in case you're interested in buying some... ;)
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  12. <3 this is what emc needs, a concrete service. I will definitely be ordering in the future. I have a LOT of white, grey, light grey and black concrete that I am going to need for a massive build... probably some cyan and green too.
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  13. This is a really good idea, people want to buy concrete, but they can't be bothered to convert it and people don't sell it lol
  14. I don't know how I got that number either... Got a calculator out this morning so that we don't make that mistake again. I'll update your order to 2 DCs of each, and 288k is your new (accurate) total.

    We are currently not accepting orders until we have caught up, but I will be sure to let you know when orders are open again. :D

    That's correct. Sorry, I should've gotten a calculator out last night. We'll let you know when it's ready. :)

    We are currently not accepting orders until we have caught up, but I will be sure to let you know when orders are open again. :D

    We could cancel the extra price if someone provided ink. I'm going to PM you about those ink sacks when I get the chance. ;)

    We look forward to your business when orders reopen! :D
  15. Can we get updates on the queue as you complete orders, as I am needing my order completed as soon as possible :p
  16. The queue is current. We expect a wait time of a couple weeks minimum.

    Thank you for your patience, everyone!
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  17. We're ready to start delivering your order :) Please pay and set up 30 DCs of access chests for KatydidBuild.
  18. When I actually get on the queue (one can dream), I'd actually like to pick up the concrete, Also I'll up my order to 2 DC's
  19. just wanted to let you know that your order should be complete within 24 hours (or less)
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  20. thank ya!
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