[CLOSED AUCTION] EMC Custom Items (Starter Items)

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Do you remember nick5013? i cri :'(

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  1. Items:

    Iron tools are all recent starter tools. All "normal items", such as bread torches and spawn eggs are SOULBOUND. Compasses are Empire Assistants. Horse egg is starter horse. MELONS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE AUCTION!!! THEY ARE ONLY THERE TO CRI... :'(

    Starting bid: 1000r
    Minimum bid increment: 100r
    Ending time: 24 hours after final bid

    Don't ask how I got these... :'( cri i cri icr ir circri i cri

  2. Sorry for the bad typing,,, Im a bad gui... i cri 5 nick5013 :'(
  3. aw, don't cri. i'll bid...

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  4. Maybe wrong but i'm pretty sure you can't auction off the spawn eggs torches and the bread but I maybe wrong so I would check first.
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  5. They're EMC custom items. They have a custom lore
  6. You are right. Torches, bread, cow/sheep eggs need to be in DC amounts and the horse eggs need to be min. 10. I think the empire assistants need to be DC amounts as well but not 100%.
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  7. Why wouldn't they be considered EMC custom items if they have a custom lore. You wouldn't be able to find that in a different server or a regular minecraft game.
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  9. I think because they are only soulbound. Lore would have more then normal text underneath the souldbound. If you removed the souldbound they would just be normal items.
  10. Thread locked, auction invalid. You can open a new auction thread with the armor and tools.
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