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  1. Items~Starter Armor all unbreacking 3, 64 SoulBond bread, 64 SoulBound torches,5 SoulBond cow spawn eggs, 5 SoulBond sheep spawn eggs, New Player Guide, and finally Starter Axe Starter Sword Starter Shovel Stater Pickaxe all have unbreacking 3.
    Starting Bid~1r
    Minimum Bid increase~ 1k
    End Time~42 hours last valid bid
    Picture Link~http://imgur.com/4OD9EK9

    Perview at PrivateWillikers on smp2 res #4502
  2. I'm pretty sure these items I left into the quote aren't allowed to be auctioned. Correct me if I'm wrong :)
  3. let me go look
  4. I'm still bidding 10k but i don't know if you forgot to list it or it's not included but the starter horse.
  5. no starter horse im keeping that
  6. Wolf is correct. Closing auction; you may try again with only the allowed items.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.