[CLOSED] 6.3 Million Rupee Giveaway "Millionaire Mountain"

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  1. EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES OUTSIDE OF MY CONTROL (at the earliest after February, probably much later)
    Have you ever wanted to be a millionaire? Well here's your chance

    What is it?
    Millionaire Mountain is a multi-stage event where everyone wins. When the event starts, I'll turn on build flag and everyone can mine the 6.1 million rupees worth of gems and promos, you keep everything you mine. There will also be a boat race, thread giveaway, and plenty of other surprises.
    {Final Photo To Come}


    Thread Giveaway:
    Simply post in this thread and you’ll be assigned a number (no alts), everyone that posts will be entered into a giveaway for 2 prizes. Giveaway Prizes: 100k and 30 seconds alone on the mountain.

    Tentative Schedule:
    1. Early Bird Boat Race at 16006 (smp8) for 100k @ 3pm EMC Time
    2. Mine the Mountain at 14005 (smp7) with 6.1 Mil. in goodies @4pm EMC Time

    Item List:
    DC Diamond Blocks, DC Emerald Blocks, DC Gold Blocks, 2 DC Iron Blocks, DC Glowstone, DC Coal Blocks, DC Soulsand, DC Lapiz Blocks, DC Obsidian, SC Redstone Blocks, 2 DC Glass, 36 Beacons, Assorted Promos (1.2 Mil.), Cash Prizes (425k) and More

    All donors get a shout out here and before the event, PM Mman to contribute! Currently need rupees, promos, diamonds and emeralds. All donations go on the mountain.
    Tbird1128- 2 DCs Iron Blocks, DC Glass, DC Sand
    Raaynn- 6 Stacks Redstone Blocks, DC Coal Blocks
    Antherjk- 1 Stack Iron Blocks, Mob Heads
    Will_McNab- Assorted Deco Heads
    BentheBobjr- 10 Gapples, Assorted Wool
    Breezyman- Player Head, 6 Stacks Emerald Blocks, SC Obsidian

    KatydidBuild- 7 Stacks Emerald Blocks, Player Head, Assorted Ore
    Jewel_King- 1 Stack Diamond Blocks

    To see the progress simply visit 14005 on smp7, maybe you’ll even see where a promo is placed.
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  2. Reserved for Giveaway
  3. Hello
    I am not a millionaire
    Please make me one
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  4. This seems fun
  5. Great to see this event. Thanks for what you are doing at this time of year.
  6. Great to see wish I could be there but hope it's awesome!!
  7. We moved it to the week before the 11th, not sure if this helps
  8. No I can't get on till the 10th

    Wish I could tho
  9. Great event mman. Not sure I can make it but will give her a try.
    Happy New Year all.
  10. Considering moving it up to this saturday the 28th so everyone is still on break, thoughts?
  11. Still around the holidays so people will be with family and stuff
  12. Sounds fun!
  13. This seems really fun! Great idea! Moving it up to the 28th would actually be better for me :3
  14. This is a cool idea!:D
  15. Sounds fun, I'll see if I can make it :)
  16. I possibly can make this, should be on the day after my trip to Texas!
  17. I will be there and would like to be entered into the giveaway
  18. The 28th would be way better
  19. I'll try and make it !
  20. Thanks for all the support so far guys. Unfortunitly I've had something of a family emergency and me and my brother most likely won't be able to get this done any time soon. I'm going to be postponing the event for the foreseeable future. I will create a new thread when I get back around to this but I don't know when, or how far in advance that will be.
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