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  1. Looking to buy 1 Ocelot Head. I'm willing to pay 3k or negotiate via forum PM.
    *I cannot do a reverse auction for this since it's only 1 head I'm looking for, so any "auctioning" will be done via separate forum PMs people send me.
  2. Bump
    Does 5k sound good?
    But then, you'll have to provide TWO ocelot heads :3
  3. I do have one but... 3K is ways to less that is the same price as a muchroomcow head. (I also have one of this).
    When you're paying about 6K for ONE head I'll sell it.
  4. I used to go around offering 5k for an ocelot head, and although no one had one, they would say i'm offering too MUCH, as it's a passive mob head. So why should i be offering 1k more than what's too much?
  5. Economy change and I don't see players with a ocelot head often.
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  6. This wasnt even 2 weeks ago i've asked in economy chats.
    I'm keeping my offer at 3k. If you want to negotiate, PM me via forum messaging--do not create economy arguments here.
  7. Is this an original head (the one that looks like an ocelot) or a broken head (the one that is like steve)?
  8. Doesnt matter--they're the same thing. It's "broken" if you're using a too-updated version for EMC/heads to work. Even if you give me a non-broken one, once i place it myself, it'll look broken xD

    Edit: as long as you arent renaming a head to give me a fake one...
  9. Too updated: by that you mean 1.8?
  10. Yes, i think anything above 1.7.3 makes it look broken. But it's not actually broken, just unseeable due to server-client mismatches.
  11. I'm upping my offer to 5k for 1 Ocelot head.
    If no one makes an offer to sell by the 22nd, 3:00PM EMC time, i'm closing this thread.
  12. FYI Ocelot heads are worth 10k. I have probably sold closed to 5 of them easily at that price since they are pretty rare
  13. Thanks for the info.
    On that notice, I'm closing this thread early.

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