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  1. Well, it depends what the clock would be running.
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  2. I really don't see why not, although why would you want that on if you aren't online? unless you hook it up to something. Aslong as it's not fireworks i think it's fine.
  3. Depends.

    1. Is your res famous?

    If yes, read question 2, If no it is.

    2. Is it a loop?
  4. What has that got to do with it?
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  5. The Clock will not load if no one is there to load the chunk anyways, so the need for a clock to run while you are offline is silly. But honestly, no. It is a bad idea, continuous redstone clocks do cause lag for other players. Maybe not this clock by itself, but once 1 person can do it, everyone will. Then the rate will skyrocket of people having clocks run while they are offline. Creating lag.

    So please, just use your clock while online :) to help everyone else out.
  6. The chunks will be loaded, and it will work.
  7. On nothing. I'll disconnect it from the machine i use it for. It's because it a bit hard to get it on 5 repeaters on, 1 off. My res is'nt really famous. :)
  8. How about a clock that powers a clock? haha
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  9. did someone actually build that clock?
  10. Yup - me :) smp2 (3019)
  11. ahhh can't use it though because i can't flip the switch
  12. Hmm - if i'm online just tell me - i'll flip or press what you want... I haven't given many people use, as some people could just spam the buttons and jam up the clock (thought hasn't jammed yet - it could be possible) (or turning the on switch up/down repeatedly) ...

    back to op ... what some people brought up ... it really doesn't matter if you have your clock looping or not ... chunks effect repeaters and when the chunk unloads the repeaters will freeze their state because it can't retain data... whereas entities can - like minecarts going in a circle... but i tested it instead of a clock and it still froze because i would require repeaters...

    So basically, If you don't have many people go near your res frequently (unlike ones near /town or some big mall nearby) the chunk wouldn't be loaded that many times so it shouldn't cause much lag even if it's accidentally left on.
  13. A nice hopper clock could be a good alternative.
  14. You know, you can wait for 1.6 and use clocks made out of cauldrons. Its cheaper and smaller
  15. Clock Cauldrons?