Clicking Bad

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  1. I hope you guys know the game cookie clicker. There is another game for Breaking Bad fans or just anybody. The game is called Clicking Bad. Enjoy once again wasting your time.
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  2. I have this and cookie clicker open xD
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  3. Ugh, I finally broke my Cookie Clicker addiction and now this.
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  4. What have I Just started
  5. I finally thought my days of procrastination were through. What have you done...
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  6. Meh, this needs more stuff to do; I already have all of the upgrades. The idea that you could get caught is cool, but it needs some tweaking; I never even got above a ten percent chance.
  7. Imma go and cook some blue-dyed-rock candy...

    Oh wait. I mean Blue Sky Meth. Sorry. :p
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  8. Page won't load for me.

    I feel lucky.
  9. Did Cookie Clicker ruined your life completely? Well, we bring to you...
    You won't be able to get out of your house, or even move away from the pc screen!
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  10. I swear, i'm going to make a game like Cookie Clicker and this combined but with an emotional good plot and see if people can pull away.
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  11. If you do that the world will collapse in a supermassive black hole, opening a door to the cookieverse. Please don't.
  12. Oh yes.
    OH YES.
    OH YES.
    OH YES.

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  13. Nuuuu :(
  14. I broke cookie clicker

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  15. what part is broken exectly?
  16. Cookies = NaN
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  17. Owhh right, i see.