Christmas Pressies! :D

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Turkey 6 vote(s) 17.6%
Muffins? 16 vote(s) 47.1%
Melons? 12 vote(s) 35.3%
  1. Hey guys i thought i might just start dis thread to see what everyone is getting for Christmas!
    We all love Christmas and love presents so just simply state what your thinking of getting.
    Then we can discuss.
    Ill start: Im looking at getting the new "Ipad Air" White Edition 16gb. :cool:

  2. Heres a picture of it! :D
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  3. Eternal Youth would be good XD
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  4. Well I'm hoping to give my girlfriend a flower ring she's been asking for awhile now at christmas :) I'm not sure what I'm getting.
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  5. Btw post a picture of it if possible. Use Google Images.
  6. Awww Coolies.
  7. Hopefully Pokemon Black 2. I got White 2 and played half of Black 2 on an emulator, but I want it in time for Pokebank.
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  8. What bout Hanukkah :p. I guess if it were Christmas I would want a 72 inch hd plasma tv
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  9. I'm getting a puppy :3

    Edited in picture :3

    He's the one in the front :3
  10. Hes so cute! What you gonna name him/her what breed is it? :)
  11. In the pole no one likes turkey... :(
  12. I'm getting Christmas spirit.
    Actually, I have no idea.
  13. He's a Mini Australian Shepherd :3 His Name Is Vexen Bones
    (Vex or Vexen for short)

    His is the cutest little fluff ball haha. I was showing dogs once and I saw the aussies in the next ring over and I fell in love, I got to know a few near me where I work and I fell in love even more so I had to have one :3 I'd been looking into getting a dog for awhile and he was just perfect :3
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  14. ponies... ._.
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  15. I'm getting a 2DS and bunch of other crap.
    My family doesn't know what I like o3o
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  16. So Touching.
  17. Guys try and post pictures with your things if possible to show people what it is they might not know. :)
  18. aaa.jpg My room... 3.jpg lol jk
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  19. I am gonna get these.
    Steve.jpg zombie.jpg creeper.jpg
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