Christmas/New-Years Giveaway

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Are you enjoying the winter so far?

Yes 9 vote(s) 36.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Potato? 4 vote(s) 16.0%
Potato! 12 vote(s) 48.0%
  1. Introduction!
    Hiya everyone! Today I'm presenting the lovely Empire folk with a Christmas/New-Years giveaway! I had originally planned for some events to go along with everything but due to midterms and lack of time, I was unable to do so. :(

    How it will work
    The giveaway will work by you guys picking a number 1-40 and replying with your favorite memory of the year (It doesn't matter the settings of the memory. It can be a minecraft memory or it could be a memory from your real life, it just needs to be a favorite memory). Extra numbers will be added if all numbers are taken up! On the end date, December 31st, a random number will be picked using and the person that chose that number will win.

    Everyone one who participates will automatically receive three holiday themed renamed items. The winner of the draw will receive a Holiday Candle, Emergency Snow Clearing Device, a <Dancer>, and a 2014 (New-Years) *Empire Fireworks*

    1. No alternative accounts. If found out you have entered an alt(s), both the main and alt(s) accounts will be disqualified
    2. Please do not be rude, not sure how/why this would happen just a reminder
    3. The deadline for entry posts is December 31, 11:59 PM EMC time!
    4. EDIT: If the number list hasn't been updated yet and is full, pick a number on the next 10 interval. (Example: If theres 20 spaces and all are full, pick a number through 20 and 30(20+10). I will try to keep this from happening but better safe than sorry!
    I really don't want to disqualify and not include anybody as it's the holiday season so please try to stick the rules! Have fun! :D

    List of Numbers

    1. EnderMagic1
    2. Alejijijo01
    3. SteamingFire
    5. BLUESKULLS55555
    6. Rhythmicaly
    7. HxCami10
    8. FWRonald
    9. LittleBlueBun
    10. Tahitan
    11. ArkWarrior1
    12. fBuilderS
    13. Owl_on_Caffeine
    14. CallMeTowe
    15. MrsWishes
    16. PinkCaker_Senpai
    17. Faeghost
    18. ReptilianCat
    19. SkareCboi
    20. Tuqueque
    21. TromboneSteve
    22. ThaKloned
    23. Allicanto
    24. Jadziaa
    25. Shyguy_1
    26. nltimv
    27. Abele
    28. padde73
    29. luckycordel
    30. SkeleTin007
    33. Dufne
    37. TechNinja_42
    39. Tiger991
    40. JMB6362
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  2. I dunno why, but Thanksgiving really stuck out for me this year. My family guests didn't ever say goodbye, it was just "see you in a month." Excited to see them for New Years. :D 6 please!
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  3. Thanks for this giveaway.
    My favorite memory of the year was seeing my cousins and playing some video games. We had a blast. :)
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  4. I will do 5

    My favorite memory of this year is when I drove 11 hours to go see my grandma and grandpa. WOW I was amazed I survived that ride with my brother and sister. ( I also had to listed to a REALLY boring audio book )
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  5. 10, I loved the time were I went to Africa and helped children without food.
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  6. I would like 4 please and favorite memory was one shelluser gave me a turkey slicer when we could't get one.
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  7. Fav memory achieving a DC of God Apples and bankrupting 6+Mall Owners with them.
    Number 19, please thanks
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  8. Bump! Still a little over a week to get entered! :)
  9. I feel like if I put one memory down as my favorite, I won't be doing justice to the rest of them. So, I'll put down one of my favorite memories, instead. Our Church had a "lock-in" (though it wasn't really a lock-in because we went places.) where we went to a trampoline place, laser-tagged, had Chick-fil-a and pizza and all around had a good time.

    I'll have 13, please. :)
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  10. I am going to do my favorite minecraft memory, and it is when I decided to come back home to EMC and see that all of my friends were still playing, and that my mentor Seffychan had been awarded the pretty green title of Mod!

    And I will take lucky number 7
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  11. My favourite experience of this year was visiting my grandmother in Greece. We flew out to the island my family is originally from, and she showed me around, taught me traditional foods and taught me some lovely stories about her growing up. 3 weeks later she passed, I'm happy I went to see her. 17 please :)
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  12. 17 Please :) I think my favorite memory, or memories, would be everytime I stepped out onto the court playing for my high school tennis team. Even though I wasn't very good, I made a couple new friends, grew with old friends and became better at my favorite sport. School tennis has pushed me into offseason tournaments, which have been amazing. I have played in two and have yet to win the entire thing, but I had an awesome time playing with one of my best friends.
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  13. 16 please! My favorite memory of the year, was on Wednesday 16th December. I was able to go up on a stage in front of my whole school and sing a song that was fairly difficult. And, i have to say... I...

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  14. Faeghost just got 17 before ya, mind picking another number? :)
  15. 11
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  16. 3 please

    Favorite MineCraft memory: Realizing that I was standing on top of a gigantic snow golem during the experimental Snowball Fight.
    I still never got good screenshots of those golems...
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  17. 20- 15th bday party
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  18. 9 please, Made new friends on EMC. :)
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  19. 15, had lots of fun with my family this year.
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  20. 14 please. A good memory of the year would be going back packing with my Boy Scout troop on an island in the Great Lakes near Canada.
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