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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by chickeneer, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Edit: Read my Post on 3rd Page... Contest is over... winner will be announced shortly

    I decided today that I am going to begin making plans for acquiring an alt. Account. I don't want one called "chickeneer2" or any variation of my original account. So I am putting it out to the EMC community to help me decide. Thea winning name will get 1000r and a chest of random items I come up with.

    Only one suggestion per account - I am wanting it to involve the word chicken...
  2. IcecreamChicken. 'nuf said.
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  3. ugotchickened7090
  4. SherbetChicken:p
  5. KansasroamingChicken
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  6. Good gracious I hadn't even tjought of that yet... whether or not i pick it - i will probably reserve it
    Ps. This will end within the next week. I reserve the right to extend or terminate it at any time
  7. Isnt that to long?
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  8. Chknsrbtrthnduck.
  9. Can i get another try?
  10. Sure. If anybody comes up with a better suggestion after you post. Edit in the one (I will notice, dont worry)

    I am thinking preffered 15 characters or less
  11. ugotchickened709
  12. FusterCluck.
    (Will delete if considered offensive).
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  13. GameKribRooster
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  14. ExplosiveChicken. also my xbox gamertag :p
  15. ChickenSlayer
  16. chickenman17
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  17. EMCs Chicken
    Empire Chicken
  18. Or I_Scream_Chicken If to long do I_ScreamChicken or might sound weird but its a little more original the IceCreamChicken
    EDIT: I got one more TheBigChicken :p
  19. ChickenBoy or ChickenMan
  20. chickenenator
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