Chocolate Sause

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  1. *dying of laughter
  2. That's hilarious. xD
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    I was kinda like "Um...wut?" at first but ended up laughing through the rest.
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  4. Just give me the chocolet sooowce! Oh yey-oh-yaya ya yaya CHICOLATEY SOY SABLABLABLA- AHE AHE AHE, lollololololo hehehehe ha ha ha ha ha ha SOOOOOOOOO- chocolate a sighhhh Ah hahah I love ah chocolate haha- OOOOOOOOOOO- see, chocoleeheee. I. LOVE. CHOCO. LOT. SAUCE. OH YA. bwegabey bwegabey tro, lo lo LO lo lo, Yes. Heres yur chocolate ay say-ay-oce...... I just luuv... the chocolate sauce... do YOU love... dey chocolate say-uace? I love dey chocolate zho-ay-ass... mmm hmhm!
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  5. I think you've watched this too many times. :p
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  6. Guys what about the Hot Sauce? :(
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  7. Did you mean the yummy spicy delicious hot souse?
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  8. Wut.
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  9. I love this thread. I think I've nearly burst a lung laughing. I keep rewatching them.
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  10. Haha thanks :) I've seen them lots of times. But idk why i barely share them now :p
  11. WT >.> did I just watch...................................THE HOT SAUCE! :p
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  12. I love chocolate sauce but thes guys are off their head.
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  13. I should probably do this. But i cant eat chocolate i will die :(
  14. HOW IN THE WORLD did I manage NOT to laugh?
  15. oh my god, it never gets old.
  16. For some reason I barely laughed but it was still funny
  17. ...What was that?
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