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  1. Ho ho ho! For my first gift to the people of EMC, I offer a whole hour of chill/lofi music!

    "oh but Daybreaker why should we care about this music?"

    I created this music with the intention of helping my fellow content creators. If you're a YouTuber, feel free to use these songs in the background of your video! If you're a streamer, feel free to use this music in the background of your stream (I know DMCA can be tough these days). Or, if you just play Minecraft, I offer these songs to just be chill background noise for you! All of these songs are royalty free! While you don't have to, if you do use any of these songs, I'd appreciate if you credited me.


    This project has been a long time in the works. For those of you who might be unaware, I picked up music production as my pandemic hobby back in April. As I learned more, I immediately wanted to do something for EMC music related. I started with the idea of creating an "unofficial score" for EMC. After completing several tracks for Town, the Frontier, the Wasteland, the End, and even starting on some boss themes, I realized that it was all quite rubbish. Only a few of these tracks were salvageable.

    Eventually, I joined the Stream Team. That sparked my interest in creating music for EMC again. This time though, I decided I'd set out with the goal of providing background lofi/chill style tracks for my fellow members of the Stream Team to use in videos/streams. Over the course of a few months, I built up a tracklist of 19 songs. For the most part, they are in order of creation and show an evolution of my producing journey so far.

    Here's when I created certain songs:
    8.13.12 - Created August 13th, 2020
    Slime Forest - Created sometime soon after 8.13.12
    Mountains - Created sometime soon after 8.13.12
    Unusually Under Unison - Created near the US Election
    Inversion - Created for my "Beating Minecraft Backwards" video
    Utopia - Created for my unofficial EMC score and salvaged (this is the earliest song)
    Introductory/Intermission/Culminative - Created together to intro/conclude
    The rest should (for the most part) be in order of creation

    Here's the playlist for individual tracks:

    I hope you enjoy the music! I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope to take on more projects like this someday!
  2. Really cool! Will probably help out streamteam on here and maybe a few that want to post other videos on EMC! Will have to put the video on in the background when I play on EMC! (Cant really give a review on the music, cant get the 1 hour of music into 2 mins :p, but what I heard yet I like the style and feeling!)
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  3. That's cool, Daybreaker!
    I recognise some familiar techniques from music I've listened to, I'm sure. I'm particularly reminded of Andrew Huang's TV & Video Games and for some parts Amynedd's 16-Bit Adventure, both of which I own. :)
    I will continue listening later!
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  4. Honestly it’s my dream to have a radio-quality microphone so I can stream while playing chill games with lofi hip hop playing in the background lol

    Bookmarked for... if I ever get my own room again
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  5. I love this so much thank you! I listen to lofi beats, hip-hop beats, etc etc on a daily basis while gaming, studying, doing homework, working you name it. This sounds great awesome work.
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  6. Now, I don't want to bump old threads randomly, but this video has surpassed 15,000 views! This means it's my most viewed video across all my channels. I'm very grateful that a project I worked so hard on could reach this milestone and I owe a lot of that to EMC. So, I thought I would give something back.

    Yeah, maybe I made the executive decision that it wasn't all quite rubbish. Over the last four days I've been releasing each section of my previously scrapped "unofficial score" project by the name Sounds of EMC, broken into four sections (Sounds of the Town, Sounds of the Frontier, Sounds of the Wastelands, and Sounds of the End) each 13-18 minutes long. You can definitely tell that I only had 1-2 months of experience producing music with some of these tracks (I did not remaster any). The only completely new track is "Ancient Hymns to the Marlix," so that's the true test to how I've improved over the last year and a half.

    With this project I wanted to capture EMC in a state of being. Rather than focusing on the community and interactions like some of my previous cinematic work has done, Sounds of EMC highlights the beauty of nature and creation, showcasing real EMC locations (with the exception of the End) alongside the works of some players.

    Sounds of the Town is meant to evoke a light cheerfulness with it. Gleeful and nostalgic. Images of old and simple structures in the foreground (like spawn) with buildings towering in the background. A juxtaposition of two frames in EMC's history. I don't know why I'm going on about the visuals when this is a musical project. Oh well. Sounds of the Frontier expands its vision beyond the confines of residences. The sound is still simple and melodic, but much more ambiguous and grand. I hoped to paint a picture of Minecraft's beautiful terrain, a canvas for creativity and exploration.

    I took an odd turn with Sounds of the Wasteland, attempting to portray the Wastelands as an exploited land. Resources in abundance, a world never valued the same way as the Frontier. I used ominous flutes to make "The Zone," imagining some distant and desolate scorched region of the Wastelands when creating it in 2020. Coming back to it in 2021, I found myself framing the Wasteland spawn as "The Zone," as an alien-like platform reaches down with a crystal staircase to ravage the land.

    Sounds of the End is the opus of the project. An 18-minute ambient track I created to capture the conflict and resolution of what we know about the End. Not much else to say about this one. It's my favourite of the bunch though. Probably the main reason I wanted to release this eventually.

    So, if you check this project out, I do hope you enjoy it! View the playlist here:
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  7. Cool to see your video taking off!
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  8. THE NEWEST INSTALLATION IS FINISHED! Fellow members of the EMC who seek something to throw on while they play, or streamers who need chill music to pop on in the background, I present Paper Hammer (or the next lofi video as it's labelled). As with the first one, you have my full permission to use it in streams. I'm really proud of this one. It may not stick to the classic lofi hip-hop style most commonly associated with lofi but I think this is my most consistent sounding project yet.
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  9. It's great!
    I don't expect it to get as much traction as the other video, though; that was probably a lucky hit!
    Oh. Well, it's off to a good start, at least... (just checked YouTube :D)
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