Chickens in the Nether!

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  1. I guess they were supposed to be "Chicken Jockeys", but all I have is 100's of chickens and two jockeys.
    So much for controlling entcount at the gold farm :(
  2. Put in a lava blade that burns chicken but still lets the pigmen fall to death?
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  3. I'd say it's a perfect opportunity for a great chicken feast!
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  4. Great idea...BBQ chicken here I come!
    Ugh, the work.
  5. sign placing is fun!
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  6. Hmm, as chickens don't despawn, I wonder how this will affect the nether (entcount/lag) in general. I have 216 chickens here right now...
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  7. I saw a whole bunch of random chickens earlier in the nether lol
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  8. Hmmm... I suppose a Turkey Slicer could be used as a Chicken Dicer...
  9. Doh, Gold farms are borked. :)

    OMG.. what is this chicken doing on my nether rail?? dang it *Hops out of minecrat, kills chicken, hops back in minecart* this is going to be a long trip....
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  10. Wait... so chickens now spawn in the nether randomly? Or did you just spawn a ridiculous amount for reasons?
  11. They're glitched pigmen jockeys.
  12. I don't think it's a glitch exactly.

    There is a rare chance of pigmen babies spawning riding a chicken "Chicken jockey", much like a skeleton sometimes spawns riding a spider.

    Due to the way multiplayer servers work, and EMC in particular, hostile mobs despawn, while animals do not. This results in the baby pigman despawning, but leaves the chicken to wander.

    If a player AFKs at a gold farm long enough, they'll return to find 100's of chickens, from the 100's of "chicken jockey's" that spawned.
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  13. Wait. Since when do Chicken Jockeys exist? Is someone being a troll here?
  14. I agree though though a they will just float on the lava
  15. Wait aren't chicken jockeys in 1.8??.
  16. Update 1.7.4 released them.
    No, chickens arent fire resistant and burn. The pigmen riding will not be affected and drop through though.
  17. Chicken Jockies have been around for a while... I have never ran into one on EMC before, but I have seem some on single player worlds.
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  18. I meant when the chicken dies pigman an will still float on the lava
  19. "lava blade" installed. No more chickens. Unfortunately the cooked chicken burns up before reaching the floor. Pigmen falling from a sufficient height are passing thru to their deaths. A few that spawn on the lowest platform are passing slow enough that they survive the drop (opportunity for heads), but some are floating. May have to half slab the lowest spawn platform (I'm not lowering the lava!). Magma cubes are passing thru.
    Gold farm "unnerfed"...sorry NZScruffy :D
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  20. Everyone who doesn't understand this: Chicken Jockeys got added in 1.7.4. EMC was 1.7.2. EMC is now 1.7.8.
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