Chickens are life

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  1. Chickens worry me...
    Did they start life of minecraft? Or were they just made to make farmers rich shamelessly...or was it that Aikar got overwhemingly obsessed with the fur of the wings? It will forever remain a mystery...
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  2. First.

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  3. Especially the blue ones are weird...
  4. When it comes to chickens and their heads, I think Skydragonv8 put it best:
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  5. His point exactly, also how they are in unison at staring as the picture above :confused:
    They will become extinct, yet...they are cute
  6. Chickens are plotting a major takeover and will betray their master the moment they'll be given the chance. Have you never wondered why you sometimes (very seldom) can find a chicken in a cave deep down below the surface? Or for that matter at least in dark gloomy dangerous places?

    That's because they're elaborating with the zombies. As said; the moment they get the chance they'll be all too happy to lend their back to a zombie baby who will then use his mount to raise a double sided attack on you. Double edged indeed because at one point you risk getting some serious swift punishment out of this, but the worst part is that these encounters happen so sporadically that its hard not to laugh when you're confronted with such a ridiculous sight, which makes the whole thing even more dangerous.

    And when the baby zombie is killed a lot of players leave the chicken alone. But what is it thinking? Perhaps.. "Drats, my plan has been foiled again. But just you wait, next time we'll come and get you, next time....". It might even lay an egg for you ("I hope you choke in it!") while still hiding its motivations...

    No, I wouldn't trust them all that much ;)
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  7. All true :p
  8. 'We dem boyz' - Chickens
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  9. Chickens full of chicken.
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  10. Chicken is definitely life <3
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  12. They worry me too. Many a night as I drift off to sleep I am haunted by their soulless pitch black eyes, darker than the blackness of the deep void from which they originally come from.
  13. Indeed they are... Indeed. They. Are.
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