Chest Shops in Wild

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  1. I think there should be chest shops in the wild. It would got 1000 to make each one, the same as locking a chest. If no one buys from the chest in 2 months the sign will become inactive and anyone can destroy it. Thanks for listening
  2. what's the point
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  3. (or if the player goes inactive for two months, same as derelict, then the sign becomes inactive?)
    ((some items are not hot sellers like others?))
  4. oh, I see the point now

    a player could set up a shop for torches on the bedrock bridge for people to buy if they need some

    so convenient
  5. I like it!
    Like everything, it could use some tweaking, but still a great idea.
  6. Well I thought it was cool, maybe limit it to wild bases that are established, and link it to dragon tombs? I don't know, just kicking the idea around... :) I thought it was pretty cool...
  7. That would work but what if someone doesnt go derelict they just leave the frontier are
  8. I see that works i guess
  9. There you go it works 2014-08-24_14.28.05.png
  10. One should be 1 and are you sure it works?
  11. I have someone there with me when he gets on again ill have him try ill report back then