Shops in the wild?

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Shops in the wild (please read entire post first)?

YES! 6 vote(s) 60.0%
Maybe. 1 vote(s) 10.0%
No. 3 vote(s) 30.0%
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  1. Hello EMC, today I would like to present an idea to everyone that I have been considering for awhile, shops in the wild (frontier not wastelands). Now before you say no no, that would just make free locked chests in the wild I have an idea.
    Rather than just automatically locking the chest for free perhaps it could be coded so that it costs 1000r to create a shop, then 500 is returned when the sign is broken. It could also be possible to make it so that the shop doesn't lock the chest. Instead a person must lock the chest using a lock to have a working shop. This would be intended for use really far out where it takes several minutes to get to town even with an effective nether rail and people are not always on to sell you an item that you may need.
    This may not be possible at all, or a ton of people may just not like it. It's just an idea. Constructive criticism and honesty is welcome, I will not be offended. Please share your thoughts!
  2. This sounds great! It would really cool if it used tokens-Like the currency for the wild... So, if you're a very active mob hunter in the wild, you could use your tokens to buy from the wild shops...
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  3. You can already make shops?
    Just lock a chest and put the shop sign in a proper place.
    for example just put the lock sign on top of the chest and the shop sign on the side of the chest.
    it works you just gotta lock it
    Dragonhalk32 that would be a free spot for people to get all the tokens they need for claiming land, etc.
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  4. Really?
  5. I've seen 1 or two made by NZScruffy
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  6. I just tried it with a locked chest, it said you can't create that type of show here.
  7. I chose "no", should have been maybe, "sorry".
  8. You have to do [Slot 1] for it
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  9. forgot to mention that, yes it does need to be [slot 1]
    Thanks for mentioning that Mirr0r should save this thread some conversations :p
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  10. Ya, I just tried it, it works brilliantly! Thanks for the help! This thread seems rather stupid now... If a mod sees this could you please go ahead and lock it? Thanks
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  11. Closed by request.
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