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Do you know Youtube?

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  1. ChefNub's Youtube
    I always knew that I would love to be a Youtuber. Now I am! I have started a account called CheffNub. I just need some help making videos, If any player has some experience with Youtube and would be willing to help I would appreciate that. My Channel will make videos about Minecraft and Cooking! I already have some videos planned, I would love to hear your comments on my channel!

    This is the link to the channel:
    Changed account to Tahitan!

    Follow me on Instagram at Tahitan! This account makes images and more!!! Please leave comments and spread the word!
  2. Just started my Instagram and SnapChat account. My username on both is CheffNub. I would appreciate comments and follows.
  3. First Follower!
  4. Thanks CadenMann for the 2nd follow on Instagram.
  5. 3rd Follower!
  6. I watch YouTube often, will remember to watch ya :)
  7. Thanks do you have some tips/tricks?
  8. You're welcome for the logo :D
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  9. What kind? Like, how to post better videos, attract people? I need to know what kind of thing the advice is for before I can give it
  10. These two are my struggles, Do you know any application to make videos on your PC and do you know how to attract viewers on all of my Social Media applications.
  11. As for the PC program, no idea. But a really good thing to attract VIEWERS is a good theme song, have funny stuff in your videos, and always, ALWAYS, have good quality videos. That's my advice for ya, chef
  12. Thanks a lot for your help.
  13. Woo 2nd sub! Can't wait to see all your vids!
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  14. Thanks a lot
  15. What do you use to record?
  16. Thats the issue, I am still trying to find a good application which is reliable and can film in HD.