CHEESE. Really, it's a question about cheese. 1 from Irishland and 1 from the U.K.

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  1. I'll make this relatively quick.

    I love cheese. In the last few years, I've been getting more and more into it. Eating cheese is like a hobby to me now.

    As far as "consumer" cheeses go here in the U.S., I've grown to love Stilton and the Kerrygold brand, "Dubliner."

    My question to you folks in Ireland and the U.K. is......... are the chances high that what I'm purchasing here is legitimate? Or, is it filtered down into something the American palate can handle, like our "Chinese" food?
    As for the legit cheese, it is probably not completely legit, considering only a few places in the UK are actually allowed to make Stilton, and fewer still are allowed to export it. I've NEVER seen Stilton in any American store, so I don't even know where you got it.
  3. How da heck should we know? We were eating Horsemeat for 10 years thinking it was beef.
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  4. :O I love horses.... Even in 1.6 ;)
  5. I hate horses.
    I rode one once...OK. Five times. It was a big bully in the end. I fell off the back of it and it got surprised. It wound up kicking in the stomach, and sent me flying about 4 feet across the floor. I blacked out and woke back up 5 minutes later being checked over by the vet.

    Got an x-ray done a few mins after that. Luckily I had no internal bleeding, I was just really badly winded.
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  6. Wow you must be unlucky or something. I love horses a lot. My cousins own two and every time I go there, I ride them. It's really fun when you get the hang of it. But horse meat? I thought they made glue out of dead horses?
  7. goat cheese with caramelized onions :D best stuff ever on crackers
  8. They make glue out of animal bones. Doesn't which animal, as long as the bone makes good glue.

    +These horses were not checked for parasites, vaccinated against diseases, and were fed steroid-type food which is harmful to humans.
    Cows are checked reguarly for disease and vaccinated against the latest threats, are not fed steroids and their death cause is found if they die randomly.
  9. I too love cheese! Except blue cheese. That's an insult to my favorite color and one of my favorite foods.

    Horsemeat is actually better for you, it just costs more and is also Taboo because "ERMAGERD HORSES IS SER CUTE!"
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  10. To me eating a horse is like eating a unicorn. I agree with Panda it must be taboo.
  11. I really love pie..
  12. It costs less in the UK :p I hate it when I see this on Facebook:
    "omg poor horses they didn't deserve to die"
    Neither did the cows but you didn't have a problem then.
  13. Adsingh - I'm aware of that. It was true Stilton, from my understanding... It was extremely pricy and came from a local importer. By true, I mean it was not from the town of Stilton, but one of the licensed factories you mentioned. I think there are 3? In any case, definitely less than a handful of cheese for around $55/$65. Pretty pricy compared to a cheddar.

    Soul - Eating horse meat would not bother me THAT much. Cows, chickens, pigs, alligator, deer, turtle, conch, scallop, crab, fish..... It all makes me feel bad when I think about it. Could I personally kill any of those? Most definitely not. Well, unless the thing messed with me..... Which brings me to horses. I grew up in a town where horse and buggies were commonplace. Yes, the town is very close to where "Amish Mafia" is filmed. The Amish were roughly 30/45 minutes away from my house. In any case, I'm fine with driving past horses. But up close and personal, they scare the living...daylights....out of me. I "met" Chelsea Clinton's horse once. Thought it was her actually...haha. But I am seriously uncomfortable around them.

    Ice - I would eat a unicorn. Aren't you curious what it would taste like?

    Panda - my favorite color is also blue... If you love cheese, how could you possibly hate bleu? It's the cheesiest of the cheeses!

    Oh. Before I submit this comment (it took a while on the ipad.) I have also eaten snake. It is phenomenal for anyone who hasn't had it. All muscle, so all of the meat is super tender. More so than Kobe beef. And again,felt bad. I used to have a 16' granite Burmese python. :(
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  14. Solid cheese is awesome. I like melted cheddar on a bagel at 7:00 in the morning. And also: I am a vegetarian so I don't eat meat. The reason I'm not vegan (only eat things that come out of the ground) is because of cheese and eggs.
  15. No need to defend yourself for not being something. You could have simply said that you like melted cheddar on a bagel at 7am.

    However, I will attack you on the premise that you have never had a real bagel. :p (Sometimes pronounced beg-ell)
  16. Dang. I forgot to mention you in my earlier post. Next time I get in game, I'll give you some R. I love both those, but never put them on a cracker. Although, I really don't like crackers...
  17. The first time I had it, was in Bleu Cheese dressing. Dad brought it in with the stuff from the food pantry is the only reason we got it. I tried eating it with carrot sticks, salad etc. and I kept gagging. I then later found out it's Mouldy cheese, I can't eat mouldy food. If I take a bite out of bread and it's mouldy I gag and it ruins my whole meal.

    My favorite cheeses so far are cream cheese, cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, pepper-jack or whatever the spicy one is uh...can't think. I like the flavored cheese-its and wish I could find cheese in those flavors.
  18. Well, if you love cream cheese... I can't say anything bad. So long as your favorite brand is Philadelphia. But those of us who live here prefer Provolone. Unless it's on a steak, then its whiz. Whiz wit if you happen to visit!
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  19. I can't eat bread, cheese or anything like that when it gets moldy. If it's just beginning to form, meh. I'll take it off. But I can't eat it when it looks like this (I know people who can and will eat it like this :confused:):

    I like Mozzarella, swiss, but I hate Cream Cheese and Pepper-Jack (Actually it's been a long time since I tried Pepper-Jack and I have a habit of trying things, not liking it, waiting a few months and then liking it). I also like Red Leicester Grated Cheese :D
    It comes in a bag like this:

    ASDA is my country's Wal-Mart. The only food I like from them is their Cheese.

    An example of their terrible food and Beverages is Blue Charge. It tastes of... I actually don't really know. When you drink it it makes you cringe, but the horrible thing is you can't stop drinking it D: Their Mixed-Fruits one is nice but it makes you feel sick after a few seconds of drinking it, and it tastes horrible by the time you finish 20% of the drink.
  20. My understanding would be that it is made in the USA under licence, As a Dublin man myself living in the UK I congratulate you on your hobby of eating cheese :p