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  1. So, here I go. I started playing Minecraft around the time of 1.7 beta. What actually interested me in MC was the (even at that time) modding community. I tried making a couple mods, but that never went anywhere. Even so, I did take this opportunity to learn Java, which I still find very useful. Eventually (as I'm sure happened to many people) I got bored with playing MC and moved on to other games. However, I remained active in the Spigot community for a while (you can find me over there as __0x277F). So, like a true nerd, I decided to spend my New Year's Day in Spigot's IRC chatting with some people. Aikar posted a picture of his chat logs for some reason and it occurred to me that the community here must be pretty exceptional. Around midnight on the 1st, I logged in to SMP1 for the first time to try playing. I enjoyed myself immensely and am certain I'll still be playing by this time next year.

    That's not much, but it's probably enough. Hope to see you all around!
  2. Welcome! Although smp1 is ok.... Smp5 is just so much better its unbelievable
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  3. SMP4 FTW. Best people in the world on there. SMP5. What a drag. (Jokes.)
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  4. Now that's an interesting way to find EMC!
    I hope you have lots of fun on here, and I think you'll learn a lot too! EMC has sure kept me coming back for years...
    Oh, come, on, don't start the server wars already ;)
  5. Welcome to EMC! :D

    I think I recognise your Spigot name. I visit there occasionally, so it wouldn't surprise me if I actually did. And yay, a fellow Beta player! :D (I started playing around the last Alpha, I think, can't remember :p)
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  6. I remember welcoming you Wun to smp1 welcome to EMC :)

    And boy...
    I've played since 1.0 of beta... Right off the curve of alpha.
  7. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  8. Welcome to EMC, Smp4 Rules
  9. You guys are all wrong. Who brainwashed your poor minds? SMP8 is the best. :p
    Anyway, welcome to EMC! Hope to see ya around!
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  10. Welcome to Empire Minecraft!
  11. This means war...
  12. Does this require a new thread? I THINK YES.
  13. Hey Wun!
    Welcome, again, to EMC = )
    Nice to meet another modder / java developer!
    When you do play MC, what are you usually doing? Building? Braving the wilderness?
    Anyway, hope to see you around!
  14. Give me the link and we'll complete this war on another thread...
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  15. Lol. I was only half joking, but, if you insist...
  16. Welcome to EMC, and you are right, this community is very exceptional! If you ever need anything I am an smp1 native. :)
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  17. Welcome to EMC! smp4 is the best.
  18. I thought I recognised that pig! Welcome to EMC :)
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  19. Hi Wun. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)