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  1. This is what I do when I am sad!
    This guy makes some epic animation in C4D!
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  2. Thanks guys :) After taking him out of the big tank for a few hours and leaving him alone with some food, he got a little bit better. Just to be safe though, i've removed both of them out of the big tank and put them in the one they grew up in when they were 2-4 months old, with some food. Just for tonight.

    EDIT: Will be doing a complete sweep of the tank tomorrow. Scrubbing the tank 'till it shines, give the water a complete change, possibly swapping the substrate for something prettier (black on the bottom, red on top of that, and more black on the top) and cleaning the equipment.
  3. I find rogue's music to be relatively happy to the other music I listen too.

    Summer chords (I personally love this song)


    Adventure time

    EDIT: hope your axolotyl gets better
  4. Thanks! They look pretty cool! I might even get one! (Don't be surprised if you get one in the mail :p)
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  5. That's why I got 2. They look like something out of an anime cartoon. Actually, I only planned to keep 1 out of my 24 spawn, but only 2 lived and it was 4 months in, so I just decided that I can't give one away for money - they've come too far.
  6. I'm actually thinking about getting one-I've already talked to my mom, and she said yes. Where do you buy them? Or do you get eggs online? I'll try to post some pictures if I get one. I still have one BIG roadblock-my dad. Oh, well, I'll see...
  7. I love you Soul! =)

    Here, I present you.. One of my "famous* stories!!!! =)

    *Pig* Hey Soul! How's it going?
    *Soul* Not too good... =(
    *Pig* Oh... *Has genuis idea*
    *Pig* You will be expecting something on Christmas Soul! You ahve to wait!
    *Soul* Oh goodies! I feel so good nao! =)
    *Pig* Mkay bai!

    You will be receiving a Christmas gift, but all in all, I feel pretty bad for you. I have had a pet get sick an ill, but mine was a cat.

    I know what you are going through, it isn't easy. I just hope your Axolotl will survive! =)
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  8. Just note it's no simple task. You should read up on them a little before you get one.

    It took me about 2 weeks to find spawn. Do not buy them from stores. They are usually sick and will end up dying, or will have limbs missing (which they can regenerate, but sometimes they have genetic disorders that prevent this). Buy them from a breeder.

    My spawn came from...I don't know. My mum ordered them from (I think) eBay. It also depends where you live, if you live in the UK, preloved is a great site to look. I don't know any american sites. If you get spawn, just be prepared for a great death toll. You will also need to get alot of food (they get through it within a day or two) for them.

    Oh, they also live up to 20 years...

    Mine are 6 months old now, the last of their ill siblings died 3 months ago.

    EDIT: There are usually some great deals here:

    Great community to come to if you need help with amphibian needs.

    Also, fun fact: Axolotls are forever young. They are basically baby salamanders, but will grow up to 40cm (rare. Average is 24cm) and be able to breed. Also, humans are possibly like that too.
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  9. axolotl?
    Breaking Benjamin depressing?

    I can't really help in any way.

  10. Used to listen to Breaking Benjamin all the time - an old friend got me into it.