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  1. My axolotl is really ill...and I think he might die. He's very dormant, he isn't eating, and he looks extremely stressed. He was this year's birthday present, and i've had him since he was spawn. I'll upload a picture soon, my phone is out of charge.

    I need cheering up, because i'm spilling out a constant stream of tears. This range from music to jokes, whatever. I like Breaking Benjamin (although this is depressing music usually), Deadmau5, Noisestorm, Daft Punk, Wolfgang Gartner... Anything that's electro and stuff.

    Also, just a note: If he dies, I will probably take a huge break from the empire, and god knows what will happen to my mental health because I have anger, confidence and sadness issues.
  2. 24/7, 365 a year!

  3. I have one thing ill post it will guarantee a lol
  4. Will This Kinda Cheer you up?
  5. Thanks guys :) He's looking alot better than he did this morning. He's been swimming around a LITTLE, TINY bit, which is more than he's done while I was at school. His gills look a little healthier and he's ate a small bit...But he's still ill. His tail is curled, and his gills are still pointing backwards, which is a stress sign.
  6. Think of ponies... that should work... =]
  7. 0_o holy mother of memes!
  8. Wait, I know people might ding me for this, but what IS an axolotl?
  9. When I'm sad for those reasons I bang my head on a wall...
    And yell.
    Yea lol I'm a tad strange :)
    Now for the joke (from the bad book by andy Griffiths (I probably spelt that wrong))
    The was two penguins on an ice cube one said to the other "radio"
    Here is a slitly better one...
    What is sticky? A stick!
    What is brown and smells like bananas? Monkey poop!
    What is brown, sticky and smells like bananas? Monkey poop on a stick! (I lose I one that bit because there is a tiki bar that sell poop on a stick.)
  10. I punch the wall when i'm angry/sad.
  11. Do those even exist?
  12. You should watch videos by Uberagon. Heres his channel: Channel