cheap wood.

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  1. Hello .
    If you interest in cheap wood this is the place !
    70r per stack !
    Post a reply if you need some !
    Please reply with this :
    Name :
    Which types :
    How much from every type :
    Selling all types :D
  2. Wood's are out of stock for now.
    i will post reply when i will have more.
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  3. Good heavens, you sold out in 2 hours?
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  4. I'll pay more for your wood.
  5. Sold out in 2 minutes. by DangerSpider
    i forget to reply.
    Azoundria. dont you want it in 70r ?
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  6. 1 costumer have his wood.
    i will gather more for the other's.
    in 8 hours...i think i will have more.
    i got school though.
  7. Bump !
    i've been lowered the price.
    65r per stack.
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  8. I think I still have room? If I'm out of room at the lowest price chest, just let me know.
  9. is this wooden planks or logs
  10. i would like to buy some wood i need all kinds
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  11. Its pretty cheap!
  12. Logs.
    Soory. im selling only birch , jungle and oak. if you realy need i will get some pine....but.. yes.
    I will sell more to you when i will finish all of the orders.
  13. k where do i go to get the wood from u
  14. Seba ? please reply again with what i writed up.
  15. name: sebab2001
    what types of wood: all types
    how much of each: 6 stacks of each
  16. OK. i will finish your order in a day or 2
    Note : pine are 70r per stack.
  17. ok let me know what server and res to go to
  18. You should start selling pine (a.k.a. spruce) logs.