Chat Filter Improvements - 1/10/14

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  1. In effort to reduce the effect of spammers, the chat filter has been modified.

    It has gotten a little bit smarter about spam by adding extra symbols/spaces, and will now block repeated messages when the only difference is punctuation/spacing.

    Also, Now when you trigger the chat filter, a message will print to you letting you know, however this message does not show to players who are less than 12 hours old on EMC!

    So spammers will think their message got out, but itll actually be blocked. They will spam a bunch, then disconnect, and no one actually saw it :)

    If you feel the filter hits you incorrectly, please PM me with the details!
  2. Booya! take that, babye spammers :)
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  3. Maybe you can have it filter server IPs or any '##.###.###.####'?
  4. This is cool. Just wondering, does the chat filter prevent you from sending the same message again in a different chat channel? Like when I often say something in supporter but it's meant for town chat :p

    Also, maybe just make one thread next time :p
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  5. It does do that. and even smart rules on domain formats like or

    just before people saw the message didnt go through and they edited the message to bypass filter.

    now they will not know its being blocked.
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  6. How about if me friend missed/needs a repeat on the message? D:

    Can you plz make it so I can say same message 2 times but not more
  7. switching channels resets last message, purely for that reason haha
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  8. if you really do need to repeat it, simply add something else on to it. and it only blocks if its within 30 seconds, otherwise you can repeat
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  9. ^and other then that i dont see why you would need to repeat it when they can just scroll isnt like hearing where if you miss it it is gone
  10. How about if we cane scroll throw chat, like me >:U
  11. what do you mean you cant scroll chat....
  12. An effective filter...and also a hilarious trick
  13. I'm just wondering, does this still apply if you switch servers via bungee? Or does switching servers also reset your filter?
  14. My computer/MC don't let me scroll threw chat :/

    I had so many friends try to help me, nothing happened...
  15. You don't 'need' to scroll through chat for this. Could you elaborate how this issue is relevant to this discussion, we would be glad to help you.

    Anyway, pertaining to your scrolling through chat. The middle button on your mouse is generally used to scroll (but this setting may be disabled in your computer settings). an alternative solution would be to use the page up/down button on your keyboard.
  16. I think Aikar should make it so you have to be at least one day old to see the filter.
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  18. Umm, 1 problem

    I don't have a mouse I play on a laptop
  19. Don't want to really get into hardware technicalities - but shouldn't your labtop, by default, have an area on the right side of your touchpad, that if you press down hard enough and swipe it should scroll like a mouse?
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  20. Or a two finger swipe up and down to scroll, in the case of a Mac :p