Changing Usernames (Vote)

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Which username?

Poll closed Dec 22, 2015.
MintFrosting 3 vote(s) 33.3%
FrostedOver 6 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. **WARNING: Not important so you can click away**'

    So I came down to changing my username to either:

    - MintFrosting
    - FrostedOver

    and basically, I just needed to get one of them to change my user to.

    ALSO: Are you supposed to alert a mod/staff when you change your username?
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  2. To be honest, I prefer your current name over any of the others. If you feel like you need to change, I like FrostedOver more. :p
    When you log in, you'll get a message that says to wait 15 seconds before logging in again. Once you log in after that, your name in-game (and in forums) will change. No need to drive SS crazy with manual name updates. :p

    edit: Wrong account. Derp.
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  3. Okay, thankyou c:
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  4. MintFrosting is taken, FrostedOver is still available.

    And what Alejijijo01 said.

    Also, I like your current name. :D
  5. I'm with the others up there. I also think your current name is nicer than the new options, but that's just my opinion of course. So yeah, I guess there's not much sense in voting right now considering that one was already taken ;)