Changes to SS Services for 2018!

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  1. Is it still 60k to get a res dug out? I don't see that in the list.
    Also is there a service to remove stuff for a cost but to keep the stuff so the items would be placed in a chest?
  2. Road edits are per copy/paste. If you make the road above y=128 and make it so we only have to copy/paste once, you could get a 12 road thing done for 5k.
    But if we need to paste the same copy again, then it counts as an extra copy/paste.

    There hasn't been a dirt removal service (with that specific name) in a while. It is now named structure removal, as you can get anything removed on your res for 50k.
    Second question's answer is no.
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  3. So then will the Tick Tock Item be lowered to 50k to match the cost of it now being 50k instead of the old 60k?
  4. Once the changes are effective, yes.
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  5. What do you mean by that?
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  6. Mintys is another word we call Senior Staff. Since their color name is like a minty green color.
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  7. I knew that, just wanted to make a joke
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  8. Can Senior Staff Services be employed in the Wilderness Frontier?
  9. No. That is intended to be full survival.
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  10. If you tell ItsMeMatheus that there are innocent ducks being killed by the mass, then they can come out to the rescue!
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