Changes to SS Services for 2018!

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  1. The SS Services will receive a price restructuring for 2018!
    Below are the new prices, effective 12:00 am EMC time on January 1, 2018.

    Any pending requests at 11:59 pm EMC time on December 31, 2017 will be completed based on the 2017 prices. If you'd like to delay your request, please cancel and re-submit after the new year.

    FREE Services
    Accidental blocks on town property
    Missing bedrock layer replacement

    5k Services
    Between road edit: Level 1 (1 copy/paste required)

    10k Services
    Residence order changes (does not apply to resetting after supporter change)
    Villager Movement
    Between road edit: Level 2 (2-4 copy/pastes required)

    50k Services
    Structure Moves
    Structure Removals
    Bedrock Layer Removal Maximum Cost (1k per block up to 50k)
    Between road edit: Level 3 (5-10 copy/pastes required)
    Schematica road edit base cost (additional 10r per block)

    100k Services
    Structure Moves on Utopia
    Structure Removals on Utopia
    Res to Res Move (50k upcharge for account transfer)
    SMP to SMP move (50k upcharge for account transfer)

    Items to note:
    • Road edit changes are no longer per road, per visit. They are simply per paste required. If you have everything ready to go when the Senior Staff arrives, then you're going to be better off financially. Save us time and you save money!
    • Residence moves between utopia and the normal SMPs will be categorized based on the SMP per-residence price. So if you move 4 SMP residences onto 1 utopia residence, you will still be required to pay for the service based on the 4 SMP residences (400k).
  2. Make the Mintys work!
  3. Is a road edit the space in between residences?
    Also, it looks awesome!
  4. Yes.
  5. Bedrock Layer Removal Maximum Cost (1k per block up to 50k)

    So as in if you do a full res that's only going to be 50k? Or you can only remove 50 at a time? And could it count for multi reses or is it per res if doing it all at the same time?
  6. 1k per block, up to a maximum of 50k per residence.

    So if you removed 2 residences' bedrock layers, the base cost (before supporter discount) would be 100k.
  7. 5k road edits? Don't mind if I do.
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  8. EMC is being highly productive in these final days of 2017.
  9. Why does Utopia cost more to move structures? (Out of curiosity)
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  10. bigger reses
  11. We always are. It's the holiday season and one of EMC's busiest in terms of changes, item releases, etc.
  12. Ohhhh... I guess so... But like- What if it's a smaller structure?
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  13. Except for flying ships/spacecraft/hovercarriers :D
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  15. Still the same price
  16. There wasn’t THAT many road edits :p
  17. For residence moves do you still need to have the appropriate res limit? For example, in the past I had Diamond but at the moment I have nothing so my res limit is like 4/3.
  18. Yes. The restrictions for each of the services have not changed. Only the prices.
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  19. A question for the road edits, let's say I got full approval of the adjacent reses in a 2x2 res.
    4 (roads in the inside that you can configure) + 4x2 (touching other reses) = 12 roads.
    Now can I build one copy, give the materials for the 11 other roads (they would be identical as the built one) and get the job done for 5k?
  20. No, it's 5k per 60 block long road as it's still pastes for the others. Of there is a cute where all 4 roads meet it would be free as thrown in with the cost to do the others. If that makes sense.