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  1. So, I notice that the join address at the top of the site has changed to "" I tested this out a few minutes ago, an it appears to connect me to the recommend server, which, at the moment is smp4. Well these are my concerns. A new player joins, and uses that to connect to smp4. They use that address every time they connect. But then, the recommend server changes! And suddenly, the IP they have been using to connect to their home server, sends them to a completely different server. The immediate assumption is that the server has been reset, or closed. And because people are like they are today, you're not going to see that player again.

    So apparently the new address takes you back to the server you were last on. Didn't work for me, but it works for others. Well then, I still have the same recommendation. And if a new player didn't know this, then they may have the same reaction as stated above. "The immediate assumption is that the server has been reset, or closed. And because people are like they are today, you're not going to see that player again."

    So my suggestion is, change the recommend server IP back...
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  2. +1 support:) I can see a lot of new players getting really confused by this, although it's likely that the players on the other server will help them out, I suppose that's not always possible when servers are relatively empty or there is little chat. Also, while shortening things is good because it's convenient, we don't need to shorten everything. :p
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  3. Support I was confused as to this as well...
    But your reasons does make a lot of sense!
  4. Not a real fan of the Join Address either. Would help a lot if maybe if it was or something.
  5. For me it takes me to the SMP i was last on, not smp4
    EDIT: it does it once but ten it will remember it. ./server SMP# will take you to the other server without logging off
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  6. I was assuming that at first too, but then I tested it out. And it certainly doesn't take me to the last server I was on.
  7. It remembers the last server for me
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  8. It's only the recommended server for the first time you join

    Whatever server you are on when you leave is what you will be on when you reconnect using
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  9. Well it appears that it connects you to the last server you were on. Which didn't work for me. But oh well. But whats the point in this? Just click on the server you were last on...
  10. You can change servers in game with /server smp#, its awesome!
    Ooooh, assuming that you don't know about the new change server while connected thing, it brings you back to the most recent server you changed to, but not if you log in using another IP.
  11. Or use /server smp#
  12. And I get Ninja'd by jkjkjk by seconds...
    And of course the post editor decides to not work
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  13. i personally like the new ip. the old ip's also work though.
  14. It's actually something I really like.
    Just think a message should be sent out when new members first join like:
    This server is smp 4. If you ever need to get back, join using and use /server smp4 (which should be just 1 not the smp lol.)
    Other than that I think that it's not a big issue.
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  15. I don't understand any of it.. it's rather annoying
  16. it will remember the last, so there is no problems here.

    The base domain is now the recommended connect address. This is the perfect solution to all.

    We can change the recommended on the fly, and players will still end up in the right location unless they opt to switch.

    There's absolutely no reason to encourage using direct addresses for new players.
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  17. The new address is 'beta' and still got some work to do on it, itll be posted about later when finalized, but we want to get some people on the new connect address to test it.
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  18. I personally love this new feature! It saves all the effort of disconnecting then connecting to another servers. It might be confusing for new players but as Aikar said above its beta so it may be improved but I don't think it needs improving its perfect! This is y view on this new feature. :)
  19. Oooh ok well that makes sense ^_^ Now Aikar if you just RSVP me back about the interview :rolleyes: hehe
  20. Mod interview?...