[CHALLENGE]how long can aikar last without coding?

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  1. Ark Survival.
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  2. oh gosh ark would be horrible... too horrible. :D
  3. There is no 'code' for Momentus. He is custom coded within the server. You'd need to convert all that into a distribulable mod which is an awful lot of work for seemingly no reason.
  4. Actually there is code ;) The main things which got customized is its behavior, but Momentus itself is pure vanilla, even the option to spawn reinforcements is basically a vanilla feature (though I have to admit that I haven't gotten my fingers behind that attribute yet).

    Want your own (braindead) Momentus?

    You'll need to be in a world where you got access to cheats:
    • Give yourself a command block: /give @p command_block. The reason for this is because the summon command is much too long to fit in your chat window.
    • Go into creative using: /gamemode 1. If you don't then you cannot edit the command block.
    • Place the command block somewhere, if you're not familiar with spawn locations then make sure that you're facing a negative Z axis and that your height (y value) isn't above 64.
      • The command below will spawn the Momentus "look alike" 5 blocks from your current location on the Z axis (blue line points towards you when pressing F3) and on Y 64.
    Now paste the following into the command block:
    /summon Giant ~ 64 ~-5 {Equipment:[{id:wooden_sword,count:0,tag:{ench:[{id:0,lvl:2}]}},{},{},{},{id:leather_helmet,count:1,tag:{ench:[{id:0,lvl:2}],display:{color:334433}}}],NoAI:0,Attributes:[{Name:zombie.spawnReinforcements,Base:0.7,Modifiers:[{Name:zombie.spawnReinforcements,Amount:3,Operation:1}]}]}
    What you basically get is a passive Zombie giant which holds an enchanted wooden sword and wears an enchanted, greenish, leather helmet which is pretty close to the real Momentus. However; it won't attack if you fight it nor will it summon any reinforcements. I have been playing with those attributes but my main drive to come up with this command was to get a Momentus look alike in my own world. Which may or may not have something to do with the fantasy story I'm working on ;)
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  5. And add another command block in front with:
    /title @a title The ground shakes nearby
    and you'll have the real Momentus experience!

    OT: I think Aikar's head would explode :pP

    EDIT: This challenge might be difficult for him, because his job is also all about coding. He could only do this on Sundays and maybe Saturdays.
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  6. I don't think going 24 hours without coding would be too hard for him.
  7. Of course you can spawn in a look-alike in vanilla, but none of its regular behavior would be there, which was my point.

    OT - Maybe it might be fun to challenge him to stay away from coding for 24 hours? Remember, that's time he could be spending to get dragon tombs out a day sooner >.>
  8. Code:
    /title @a title {text:"The ground shakes nearby",color:"dark_red"}
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  9. every website has a code every thing on a computer has a code,codes are what make this website work,codes are what make EMC and other servers work,codes are atoms in the digi world :p
  10. Actually, atoms and dark energy is what makes and holds most things together. Without them we wouldn't have computers and your idea of 'code being atoms'. >.>
  11. I code for a day job too.... I kind of have to work at work >_>

    But theres a bit of code to handle damage changes, and more initializations than you can do with vanilla:

        protected void onInitialize(final Giant entity) {
            EntityAIApi.makeAggressive(entity, 24);
            EntityAIApi.setEntityMaxPathfindingRange(entity, 128);
            EntityAIApi.setEntitySize(entity, 0.4F, 16.6F);
            if (Tutorial.isTutorial(entity.getWorld())) {
                Residence residence = Residence.getResidence(entity);
                if (residence != null) {
                    Location location = residence.getNamedLocations().get("!momentus");
                    if (location != null) {
                EntityAIApi.setDisabledEntity(entity, true);
            AttributesAPI.setAttribute(entity, AttributesAPI.Attribute.ATTACK_DAMAGE, 12);
            Util.addPotion(entity, PotionEffectType.DAMAGE_RESISTANCE, PERMA_EFFECT_LENGTH, 1);
            Util.addPotion(entity, PotionEffectType.SPEED, PERMA_EFFECT_LENGTH, 0);
    the Path finding range and sizes i dont think you can control in summon.
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