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  1. Forum story's are from another website I played on so Why not bring it here. -FICTIONAL NOT REAL-
    Part 1:
    I was only a simple town girl. I was in the middle class I was in the poor side of it. One day I had gotten a letter from the king's family. I had asked my other friends and they said "Nope I didn't get one." We had never seen the king, I heard rumors that he was 14 like me. Some others said he was 20 or 19. I decided to accept the invitation... I was frightened. I tried to find the best dress I could wear. I had blue eyes, long brown hair, and I was rather skinny due to the fact I didn't eat as much as a normal person would eat. Anyways....I stepped into the carriage and as I sat on the seat and watched the trees and people walk by I held the letter in my hands "What would he think of me?" I thought. Suddenly a lady appeared in the seats across from me she wasn't there before.
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  2. I'll write one part each day. Since the story is long and such it's easier to do in fragments.
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  3. -.- cliff hanger....
  4. Ehehe. You'll see what will happen next...
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  5. I'm not sure I quite understand. This is your story, right? You wrote this.
  6. Yeah. I'm writing one part each day. Each part I write will get longer and longer as the story goes. I can write another part today if you want.
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  7. yes do u it
  8. Also. I base this off of a song and I change it around a lot. Eh I felt that I could at least try and write a story .-.
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  10. Part 2:
    She wore a black dress, beautifully red manicured, and painted nails. Something I could never afford.....My eyes went up and down her figure she also had jet black colored hair. "Why are you here?" I asked. She replied "Well you're going to see a prince....I mean king.. if you're wondering...he is your age he is 14" I looked at her still rather nervous I relaxed a little. "I am just here to make sure you're ready to meet to King.....Ashley." The lady said. I looked up at her "How....how do you know..." She cut me off. "The king told me of course. The king knows everything about his people" We arrived at the castle. "This lady scares me. Well she must be the king's royal messenger or something" I thought. The king didn't come out of his castle instead the lady led me into a large room just as you entered the castle. The king then came to greet me. The king looked into my eyes and I looked into his then I looked away. "My name is Alex..." He said "Don't be shy...I invited you here to give you a rare opportunity." I looked back at him and he smiled. "What would that be your highness?" I said quietly. He turned and walked towards one of the windows to the side of the throne room. I stood where I was dumbfounded. I looked back at the lady. She looked like a witch. Where I live magic and conjuring spells were illegal and the punishment was death fortunately they were not public like most towns they had public death sentences. "The rare opportunity is better life for you and your family." He said "It isn't exactly rare....because you are part of the royal family...." He added on.
    -Part 3 tomorrow-
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  11. Man I don't like cliff hangers -.-
  12. Also, am I the only one who doesn't like fairy tales? =P I guess this one is better than the ones I have tried to read.
  13. Thanks. I'm usually better at writing fairy tails. Why is everyone complaining about cliff hangers? xD
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  14. Your welcome. I like that it's worded better. I can actually picture it in my mind :p
  15. i usually dont read cause i have troubles reading this is making me want to read -.-
  16. Well thank you! I was taught by the best. (My english teacher) xD
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  17. I like it, although there are some errors in them. Would you like me correcting them a bit? I think it may bother some people, which would be a shame, because the story is good.
  18. I wouldn't mind my grammar isn't exactly perfect. :p I would like some suggestions on how to make my story better anyways.
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  19. I hate how I always catch mistakes after I post the forum ._.
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  20. You should do a check before hitting post :)