catching someone griefing in the wild

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  1. hey guys, I got griefed in the wild for the 3rd time in 3 days and I was wondering how you catch the person that does it. I have heard rumors about some map that shows you who was in the area at what time. If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be thankful. Thanks in advance

  2. I suggest you report to a moderator.
  3. Pm any moderator, with the coords of where you are being griefed and they will gladly whip the rusty ole ban hammer out for you.
  4. Well, the live map is at the attached link, so you can see who is where and when. However, supporters have the ability to hide from the live map. If you do see someone griefing, take a screenshot of it with f2, then pm the screenshot to a mod.
  5. There is a website {I don't know the address sorry} That when you put the co-ords in and web address for empire will tell you who was in the area. But its always best to report to admin. Click on index top right of screen click start a new conversation type in one of the admin's name in the top then title then the info, co-ords what happened etc. Link to all EMC staff
  6. okay thank you
  7. thanks
  8. This is the tool.

    However, this is not an official tool that is usually used by staff when tracking so you need to do what others have stated. :)
  9. It's this and it is very useful, it might not help preventing it but at least you know who did it, as long as there's not much traffic in your place.
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  10. put locked signs over all of your chests make sure.... sorry if they greifed your house:(