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  1. So, recently I have finally gotten four residences, 3 of which all made in one line, and I have a company going. So, given that I am like 142 days into EMC now, I kinda looked back a bit.

    When I first got on EMC I had a dark oak cottage that sold wood that I grew all around my house. I eventually upgraded it to a small town, got a tavern going, it was super fun. Dug a well, planned on building a pirate ship underneath, didn't work so I planned on making the Clubhouse

    Originally the clubhouse was meant to be 4 rooms, a shop, enchanting room, teleport room, and drop party room. Welp, to make a long story short, I expanded a ton and now the entire thing is so large that people get lost in it.

    Then I got diamond supporter and built the Elfmall, my biggest creation aboveground on EMC which I still think is like, super baller and stuff (carrot does infact approve) and then made a public wood farm where people can farm wood and sell it to me.

    Looking back, I am really happy of all I've done on EMC and for once I kinda just feel accomplished of something I've done in a videogame. So, kinda wanted to say thank you guys, for giving me friends and gifts and acceptance, and I really can't wait to see what I make in the future


    If you wanna go visit that wood farm, you can go to +wood. If you wanna visit the clubhouse you can go +clubhouse. If you wanna go to the elfmall, pretty obvious, +elfmall. Bye
  2. ElfinCarrot!
    I love all yo reses

    Your club house is the best res I've ever seen. Also your mall is pretty fantastic :)

    (1st :p)
  3. Aww happy day my alt. So glad to see you doing well. :)
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  4. Oh god, I actually was looking back at some old posts and found my first ever post about the clubhouse, back when we had a swimming pool and a bouncy castle

    dark times those were indeed
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