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  1. For the past few weeks, I've been having nightmares when I sleep, and when I wake up I'm tired, but I can't go to sleep and stay awake until morning. I'm getting really tired of this and just recently I've been having headaches for the longest time. (I get a headache almost 5 times a day, lasts for 3 hours or so) I don't know what's causing this, but my parents say it has to do somethings with stress, emotional pain, and anxiety. Any help/advice would be appreciated.
    EDIT: I can't go into detail about the stress, but my grandfather died recently (I grew up with him and my mom and dad..) and that might be why I can't sleep. If this continues I may take a break from EMC.
    What makes this worse is school starts in 5 days. Ugh...
    EDIT 2: I've been trying to combat it with trying to be more happy (don't know if that makes sense) or trying to be funny online (EMC) but I always get these moodshifts when I stay up at night... I just feel.... drained at the moment....
  2. Um. Besides the obvious, like reduce stress, maybe go see a doctor. Maybe your depressed? Or shall I play Dr.FeelBetter, and ask what makes you so sad.
  3. Wow. I just realized how mean that sounded. :(
  4. Don't worry about it...
  5. Well what I do when I'm stressed is just lay in my hammock all day, usally helps me.
  6. Well, thanks I guess. So, whats wrong? Did a family member die, too much work, moving, girl trouble, any stuff like that? Or is just your generally overworked?
  7. In OP, my grandfather passed away..
  8. I've tried laying in bed all day, but that's when I usual get knocked due to me staying up all night..
  9. Go to sleep, get some rest
  10. If you feel to the point where what sleep you get is not rest, and yes there is a difference, and you are fighting to even get that sleep, then ask your parents to talk to a therapist. It is their job to take these behaviors into account and dig out the root of the cause, whether it be a stress/anxiety related issue, or a depression related issue. Speaking from somewhat of a standpoint of experience , it is much better to go and be told nothing is wrong (which will lift weight anyways, gets rid of the nagging "is something wrong with me" thought), than to avoid the treatment and you have something wrong.
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  11. That feel.. Im so stressed/depressed that I can just never relax. Try a natural medicine called "melitonin" to sleep, it works like a charm for me. i hope your stuff gets better
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  12. I'm getting an appoitment in 2 days. I've been taking medicine to help me go to sleep, and the headaches seem to dull. Even when this tiredness/pain/stress goes away, (IF it goes away) I want to thank you guys for supporting me. :)
    - IamSaj
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  13. If you need to relax, play some white noise, or a nouse you really enjoy. Crashing waves, a fire crackling, light rain, and light breeze noises all help me when im nervous/stressed/angry/sad.
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  14. As weird as this sounds I've been listening to sounds on my alarm clock... (like you said, ocean noises, etc.) :)
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  15. Oh Yes I can't sleep either. I usually force myself to sleep around 3am.
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  16. I agree with this... At the beginning of this last summer, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease - which means I have/had an overactive Thyroid. I am not necessarily a "normal" person; but this ended up explaining a significant amount of oddities surrounding me... We suspect that I have had it for like 3 years; but I had just accepted it as normal.

    I think you are making the right decision with talking with your parents about this. Telling someone else what You are experiencing helps move things past that Denial stage where you try to convince yourself that nothing is wrong.

    Note: unlike what the name may suggest, I am not dying any quicker than what I was before :D
  17. In a stupid way I honestly think its to much gaming, it could be some thing that you do not think is scary but your brain over reacts with it at night, my friend is a massive horro film person, he use to watch them heaps, he would have break downs in his sleep and not sweep all night since he wakes up, but he games apot, it may be the urge to always play, I know at one poit. I was extremely addicted to EMC, I was actually quite deprssed and would spent up every single second playing it.
    But right now when I'm sad its mostly due to girl problems or something linked to that, other then that I hope you feel better soon, and I honestly think the school will be good, as you will be with your friends. :)
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  18. This might be somewhat nosy, but what are the nightmares about? That might answer some questions.
  19. I have a feeling it is linked to the stress which he would prefer not to elaborate about, but this is just my perspective