Can't reset password due to e-mail change

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  1. I am signed in and posting under my daughter's username right now because it is the only one working.

    My username is SticksNString. My res is on Server 3, lot 6646.

    Since joining Empire, I have changed my e-mail address. Originally it was

    -removed for safety reasons- -Staff

    I have forgotten my password. When I press reset, I'm sure the reset e-mail goes to my former e-mail address.

    I had reset my password previously, so the original password I get when I use /forumpass is no longer valid.

    So I'm stuck. I can't sign on to the forums. My other daughter with username IAmThatGood has the exact same problem.

    We need password reset e-mails or something to help us.

    Please let me know what I can to do solve this problem for both of us.

    I had previously sent two e-mails requesting assistance and have heard nothing back.

    Janeen, SticksNString
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