Cant log in

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Rundercaster, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. I think a piece of redstone ore had broke my game :p

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    Can anyone help?
  2. This is still happening I need help :p
  3. Is it possible to get access to the full error report? It's difficult to tell what happened based on the screenshot you gave.
  4. I can tryBest Minecraft Servers
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  5. Go to your game directory, find the 'logs' sub directory, and there you'll find a file "latest.log". That contains all this information.

    Copy & paste the relevant sections in a message here (use the 'code' button). When in doubt: empty this entire directory (logs), then start the program, then copy the entire contents of 'latest.log' in here (because then you'll only have the logs of the crashing session).
  6. I think I have found the problem, it is a lit piece of redstone ore :p, everytime I log in though the time it is lit for shpould go down so it should work soon
  7. It is indeed the redstone ore , apperently your redstone ore block tries to use a texture that doesn't exist and thats why your minecraft crashes.. If this only happens with one block then there is no problem, if this happens with every redstone ore block you should probably reinstall minecraft.

    Edit: It actually isn't trying to use a texture , but thats my simple explanation
  8. I think I might reinstall Minecraft :p