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  1. ok so i cant play on the server because my client keeps saying that it cant connect to ive looked everywhere and cant find a solution (my date and time are correct too). can anybody help me?
  2. The same thing is happening to me... How can it be?
  3. Yeah me to!
  4. Same

  5. I'm also having that problem, and the website is also being really slow, so presumably it's a common problem that'll be being hopefully fixed now...
  6. Probably not for another 26 hours, the mojang team are programming a game for charity live atm.
  7. please fix it i want to join...
  8. This is an issue on Minecraft's authentication system, the issue is being worked on. After repeated attemtps I managed to get in.
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  9. Ah well, it'll be fixed sometime :D
  10. i hope so....
  11. Stupid Mojang
  12. haha love it
    it's from mc you know xD
  13. By the way, do you guys have any idea if this community has Youtube-channel?
    It would be awesome if i it had one.
  14. so sad .... :(
  15. An youtube channel would be awesome
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  16. is it restored?
  17. Nope, but still trying :)!
  18. how long did it take? I have been clicking away trying to get on. lol